June 17, 2020

Cedarwood Elopements and Petite Packages

Photos by Julie Paisley

COVID-19 has changed the way our world works (for now), including weddings. Cedarwood Weddings has many years of experience designing and hosting intimate gatherings, and we want to do that now, for you. Options for smaller weekend weddings include our complete wedding packages, scaled down for 20-50 guests, with a $5,000 discount for new bookings. Ask for a Petite Packages brochure!

Alternatively, if you are willing to elope on weekdays with just the two of you (or up to eight additional people), we can offer you a custom package at one of the picturesque private spaces on our venue, including the Cedarwood Tree House, The Cedar Cottage, Mooncake Lake, and our vintage Airstream on the Nature Preserve. Elopement opportunities will be customized to fit your budget, and based on our availability. Give us a call to chat about your ideas. Cedarwood Weddings has spread love on these sacred acres since 2006, and our team wants to help you celebrate yours.


“In case you haven’t heard, there is this magical place outside of Nashville, TN called Cedarwood Weddings and it has my heart. I have shot A LOT of weddings. I have traveled all over the world doing them but seriously, this venue in Nashville, TN takes the cake. There are so many options for your wedding including this little magical “treehouse” they have in the woods that is PERFECT for a sweet intimate elopement. The first time I saw this little gem in the woods, I must admit I giggled like a little girl when we walked up. And yes, in addition to the beautiful venue, you will receive a perfectly styled wedding by them as well. You see, Cedarwood Weddings is all-inclusive. YES, they do it all! Imagine that, you elope and never have to worry about a thing. Sounds like my kind of wedding for sure! And no worries, they plan everything for the big weddings too.” – Julie Paisley

Thanks, Julie! And for your amazing photography at Cedarwood.

The Cedarwood Event Team

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  1. Ashley says:

    I was interested in the brochure for your elopement and petite packages.

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