May 29, 2019

04.14.19 :: Amanda + Derek

Photos by Krista Lee Photography

Amanda and Derek love the Nashville vibe, and decided to bring their family and guests from the Boston area to Cedarwood for their wedding, thinking temperatures would be warm compared to spring in the northeast.  Normally, yes. But on this day, an unexpected northeasterly front blustered through Tennessee with high winds and plummeting temperatures.   Thankfully the rain in the forecast dissipated, so Amanda and Derek’s ceremony took place outdoors as planned in the rolling green hills of Cedarwood’s meadow. Despite the windchill, the setting could not be more sensational.

 Luxury garden meets southern country sums up the style of Amanda and Derek’s wedding.  Details and fashion statements were cohesive with the theme, especially the bride’s white cowboy boots and the groom stetson.  Blending families is always a big blessing in marriage, and Amanda and Derek took care to include their little ones throughout events of the day.  Our venue’s barn and 1950 Chevy truck provided some appropriate backdrops for Krista Lee Photography.  Amanda, a dance instructor and owner of a dance studio, was in tune teaching line dancing to guests.  Overcoming weather-related challenges on your wedding day takes willingness to adapt, and like Amanda shares on her dance studio website, “Life’s not about waiting for the storm to pass. It’s about learning to dance in the rain.”  Well done Amanda and Derek. 

Amanda’s grandmother, also a trooper at their wedding, “kept dancing” despite a fall during the reception. Our hearts are touched by her graciousness, and we know her love and support will always be part of Amanda and Derek’s love story. Thanks to Krista Lee Photography for sharing these lovely images with us.

The Cedarwood Event Team

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  1. Krista says:

    Such a beautiful couple and wedding!!!! <3 <3

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