October 31, 2016

Tennessee Rustica Style by Cedarwood Weddings

Photos by Jenna Henderson Photography, and published on:


In the Tennessee countryside surrounding Historic Cedarwood, the beauty of life can be seen in earth’s pristine glory. Community gardens and farm-to-table co-ops flourish within the urban culture of Nashville. For couples who embrace the natural movement of living closer to nature, even the celebration of marriage can be simplified without losing style.  Our Tennessee Rustica Editorial shoot uses the aromatic beauty of herbs as living décor for reception tables, and the earthy essence of a backyard garden for a summer wedding ceremony site.

Natural cotton fabrics, pottery, and craft paper dress-up wooden farm tables for a rustic reception. Crusty bread, homemade wine and a cheese-wheel “cake” present an organic, wholesome quality that demonstrates beauty in the basics.  Un-fussy, free-spirited attire for the bride and groom makes both a lifestyle and fashion style statement. We hope you enjoy our summer fresh, non-traditional take on celebrating love with rustic wedding chic, photographed by Jenna Henderson!

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As all of you who follow Cedarwood Weddings know, we love to design unique and beautiful spaces….especially in unexpected places.  This editorial shoot was a joy for us in so many ways, but one in particular is that the two adorable models for our Rustica inspiration were ‘picked’ from our own Cedarwood garden:  Kerri, our summer intern from Indiana and Garrett, a member of our event staff.  Thanks to both of you for providing the spontaneous beauty infusing these images by the always talented Jenna Henderson.  And to our paper partner, Designs in Paper, for the perfect touches to event styling by the Cedarwood Design Team.  Special gratitude to Rustic Wedding Chic for publishing this project!

Linda and the Cedarwood Event Team

Resources – photogrpahy: Jenna Henderson Photography / venue: Historic Cedarwood and Community Garden, a Tennessee wedding venue / event styling, decor & flowers: Cedarwood Weddings / paper goods: Designs in Paper / bride’s dress: Ivory Linen Maxi Dress from H&M / jewelry: Layered Leather boho necklace, Free People / grooms attire: H&M

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