October 5, 2016

Emily+Nick :: 08.27.2016

Photos by Julie Paisley

Emily and Nick’s wedding is bursting with beautiful hues and southern chic style. Fun fact: they first saw Cedarwood enroute to a concert in Whites Creek, and loved the southern feel and ‘glow’ of our historic venue. Cedarwood also fit into their wedding day vision – laid back, not too formal, fun, intimate, and southern!  Taking inspiration from Emily’s choice of BHLDN print dresses, and vintage blue dinnerware, our design team had a great time working with Emily and Nick to style details of their southern soirée.

Dream Catering’s southern supper menu of fried chicken and pulled pork, was topped off with pies, peaches, an iced tea bar and lemonade. Emily and Nick’s Cedarwood wedding is a stylish example of a southern social, all perfectly documented by Julie Paisley Photography.  Enjoy every detail of this gorgeous couple and their beautiful summer celebration.

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Congratulations Emily and Nick! We are totally smitten with your beautiful style and southern celebration at Historic Cedarwood!

Thanks Julie Paisley for sharing images with our blog!

Linda and the Cedarwood Event Team



Bride’s Dress: Alvina Valenta from Arzelle’s

Bridesmaids dresses:  BHLDN

Band:  Scatt Springs

Catering:  Dream

Cake:  Patty Cakes

Invitations:  Designs in Paper

Welcome Baskets:  Hello Nashville

Transportation:  FADDS

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