October 3, 2016

Courtney+Kyle :: 08.20.16

Photos by Sarah Sidwell Photography

Courtney and Kyle are proof that when a couple focuses on love instead of uncontrollable circumstances on their wedding day, happiness wins. Happiness and joy should always win!  Sarah shares, “After all the pressure, planning, and business of dealing with the wedding, our first look was a intimate/private moment we got to share alone, made even more precious since Kyle may have shed a few tears that he would not have wanted everyone else to see. During the first look, it started to thunder and rain  began falling so hard it was coming down sideways under the Cedarwood Treehouse that provided minimal covering. At a time when you would expect most brides to lose it, I felt I embraced it. Weather was the only thing I could not control that day, and the rain almost made it more exciting. My dress, my hair, my shoes and even my officiant got soaking wet, but it was all fixable. Before we were even done with pictures in this location, the sun came out and blue skies appeared.”

We love how Courtney and Kyle could let go of the uncontrollable, immaterial moments of the day, and enjoy the beauty of their love, family and the lovely festivities spanning both rain and sunshine. The lovely day is documented by Sarah Sidwell Photography. Enjoy.

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Congratulations Courtney and Kyle, and thanks for being an inspiration and example of shining love.  Thanks also to Sarah Sidwell Photography for sharing your lovely work.

Linda and the Cedarwood Event Team


Planner/Designer/coordinatior: Cedarwood Weddings

Location: Cedarwood Weddings

Officiant: Shannon Kearney

Invitation Designer: Designs in Paper

Caterer: Dream Come True Catering

Floral Designer: Cedarwood Weddings

Cake and/or other desserts: Patty Cakes

Dress Designer: Blush by Hayley Paige ‘Lotus’

Bridal Shop: Ivory and Beau – Savannah, Ga

Groom’s suit: Vera Wang

Bridesmaid dresses: David’s Bridal, “Petal”

Getting ready robes: Pretty Plum Sugar, “Shortie set”

Groomsmen’s suits: Vera Wang

Bride’s shoes: Kelly and Katie

Live music: Emerald Empire Band

Makeup Artist: Crystal Doughtie – Woo Cosmetics

Hairstylist: Jana Smith – Green Pea Salon

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