September 22, 2016

Surprise Proposal :: Anna+Aaron

Photos by Julie Paisley

May we introduce the sweetest, recently engaged Cedarwood couple:  Anna and Aaron!  They have the best story, and we are delighted that Aaron’s surprise proposal to Anna was featured today on Style Me Pretty. CLICK HERE to see the Style Me Pretty post.


We because we are in love with every aspect of this remarkable proposal, continue on for the full gallery of some spectacular styling by the Cedarwood Event Team, creative paper goods by Designs in Paper that make this proposal shine, and of course, stunning photography by Julie Paisley.

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Pretty amazing, right?  Thanks Style Me Pretty for sharing this sweet proposal story in photos by Julie Paisley and video by Sugar Peach Productions.  CLICK HERE to see the wonder.

Professionally styled proposals are gaining steam, and what’s not to love about documenting this moment in the best possible way?  Call us, if you would like a quote for a custom styled proposal by Cedarwood Weddings.

Linda and the Cedarwood Event Team

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