September 7, 2016

Sophisticated Southern Destination Wedding :: Sarah+Tyler

Photography by Kristyn Hogan

We posted a preview of Sarah and Tyler‘s amazing wedding from photographer Kristyn Hogan‘s blog, and now we are excited to share a fantastic full feature of their wedding, bursting with personality, amazing florals, fashion, paper goods and fun, unique details.  Seriously, we LOVE this couple, their family and their style – and these perfectly photographed images by one of our favorite photographers, Kristyn Hogan.  When we asked  Sarah what inspired her during the planning of her wedding, she shares:

“I have always been drawn to classic and timeless styles, so that has been the foundation of my vision from the get-go. I want the day to be something I will still love years and years from now. I’m also a hopeless romantic and I think weddings should be something that make your heart flutter. Because of this, I have tried to incorporate soft, romantic elements into the design as well by using a lavender/champagne/gray color scheme, lace accents, and mercury glass.  In addition, there is something very special about southern weddings. They have a sense of tradition and charm that is captivating to me. Our wedding wouldn’t feel complete without some Tennessee flair to tie it all together, so we added some unmistakable southern elements that will give our upscale event a bit of a down-home feel.  This combination has yielded the perfect blend of casual elegance that I have dreamed of all along. I could not be more thrilled with how everything has come together.  Lastly, we want the day to be a reflection of what is most important to us: our family and friends. We are beyond blessed to have such wonderful people in our lives, and we want take this opportunity to show our appreciation to them for all of the love and support they have given us.”


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It’s hard to handle so much loveliness. Congratulations Sarah and Tyler. We are blessed at the opportunity to work with you, and we are blown away by your amazing wedding photos by Kristyn Hogan! Sarah was kind enough to share her choices of personal details and wedding sources below.

Linda and the Cedarwood Event Team

Sarah and Tyler’s personal and DIY details:
Homemade jam favors made with love by the Mother of the Groom, Anette Ulery
DIY “Polaroid picture booth” for iPhone/instragram pictures
Lace from Sarah’s mother, Debbie Dredge’s wedding dress wrapped around the bridal bouquet and garter
Heritage display of family photos
Grandma Ulery’s’ King James bible carried by the ring bearer (her great-grandson)
Destination wood sign made by Sarah’s Brother-in-law with the distance to important cities to the couple (Springfield and Urbana, OH = hometown; Columbus, OH =Ohio State Univ.; Nashville; Norris Lake = how we met; Punta Cana, DR= honeymoon)
A blue heart sown into Sarah’s dress over her heart – made from one of her Dad’s old shirts
Signature “Boat Drinks” – a special cocktail representing our family lake outings, and Sarah and Tyler’s engagement

Wedding Vendor List:
Photographer: Kristyn Hogan,
Venue: Historic Cedarwood, Nashville,
Wedding planning, event design, floral and décor: Cedarwood Weddings,
Cake: Patty Cakes,
Invitations and Paper Goods: Designs in Paper,
Dress: Paloma Blanca/ Bridal and Formal, Cincinnati, Ohio
Groomsman: Vera Wang / Men’s Wearhouse
Bridesmaid: Amsale/Bridal&Formal, Cincinnati, Ohio
Flower girl dress: Little Dreamers Tutus
Hair and Makeup:  One10 Makeup
Bride and bridesmaid jewelry – Nadri
Caterer: Chef Christopher
Ceremony Musicians: Nashville Wedding Guitarist, Rob and Rebecca (violin & guitar)
Cocktail Hour Music: Blue Grass Band
Reception Music: Jace Aaron Entertainment
Officiant: Ralph Griggs
Transportation: Anchor Tours (buses)
Transportation (bride and groom send off): Grand Avenue Limo

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