September 20, 2016

Julie+Jeff :: 04.16.16

Photos by Ariel Renae Photography


Oh my goodness, we just love seeing sweet and stylish Cedarwood Weddings couples published in major style blogs, and couldn’t be happier for Julie and Jeff’s feature on Glamour and Grace. Click here to see it, and continue reading below for our extended photo coverage by Ariel Renae Photography.

If you haven’t already seen Part 1 of Julie and Jeff’s nature-kissed spring wedding at Historic Cedarwood, step on the brakes and start HERE for a full post on the design details and perfect parts that make this day a personal stand-out.

We are smitten by this sensational couple, their organic, natural styling and the love and beauty captured by Ariel Renae Photography. Full of verdant green backgrounds and the most stunning sunset lighting, there’s a lifetime of magical memories for Julie and Jeff to relive this day…and that’s what top-tier photography can provide. 

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Thank you Julie and Jeff, for allowing us to share in this remarkable day of love and celebration at our Nashville estate wedding venue, Historic Cedarwood. Our gratitude to Ariel Renae Photography for sharing your work with us.

Dear readers, if you couldn’t help yourself and had to view these amazing wedding photos to the end (we don’t blame you a bit), be sure to CLICK HERE for all the details that complete this story!

Linda and the Cedarwood Event Team

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