August 30, 2016

Kelly+Ben :: 07.16.2016

Photos by Teresa Lynn Photography

Kelly and Ben made their wedding uniquely theirs in so many ways.  They are big music lovers, so a great reception band was their “must” for a fun reception party.  They also chose custom music for their ceremony and added hand-lettered signs featuring their favorite song lyrics to the aisle decor.  Loved ones lost over the years were honored with a memorial photo display, and Ben’s late father inspired their donation to the “Jimmy V Fund, a charity special to his dad, in lieu of favors.

We love how Kelly and Ben combined their classic-luxe style with a laid-back vibe. In fact, the choice of your wedding venue is the first step in personalizing a wedding and speaks volumes about a couple’s personalities. Cedarwood is honored that Kelly and Ben felt an affinity for our Nashville estate wedding venue. Kelly shared, “We loved the beauty of the space – the open fields, lake, and original barn. It felt like the perfect blend of what we both wanted for our wedding day.”   Kelly and Ben ordered custom koozies for their reception bars which included an image of the historic Cedarwood barn –  a great way for friends to remember their fantastic wedding!  Enjoy Kelly and Ben’s wedding photos by Wisconsin photographer, Teresa Lynn Photography. 

BKNyeWed071616-3 BKNyeWed071616-5 BKNyeWed071616-6 BKNyeWed071616-21 BKNyeWed071616-29 BKNyeWed071616-33 BKNyeWed071616-35 BKNyeWed071616-38 BKNyeWed071616-39 BKNyeWed071616-42 BKNyeWed071616-43 BKNyeWed071616-1BKNyeWed071616-48 BKNyeWed071616-45BKNyeWed071616-372BKNyeWed071616-53 BKNyeWed071616-54 BKNyeWed071616-56 BKNyeWed071616-26BKNyeWed071616-57 BKNyeWed071616-58 BKNyeWed071616-63 BKNyeWed071616-72 BKNyeWed071616-74 BKNyeWed071616-87 BKNyeWed071616-90 BKNyeWed071616-91 BKNyeWed071616-99 BKNyeWed071616-100 BKNyeWed071616-102 BKNyeWed071616-104 BKNyeWed071616-107 BKNyeWed071616-114 BKNyeWed071616-113BKNyeWed071616-121 BKNyeWed071616-123
BKNyeWed071616-130 BKNyeWed071616-127BKNyeWed071616-146 BKNyeWed071616-151 BKNyeWed071616-161 BKNyeWed071616-164 BKNyeWed071616-167 BKNyeWed071616-168 BKNyeWed071616-171 BKNyeWed071616-173 BKNyeWed071616-174 BKNyeWed071616-181 BKNyeWed071616-184 BKNyeWed071616-185 BKNyeWed071616-188 BKNyeWed071616-196 BKNyeWed071616-204 BKNyeWed071616-209 BKNyeWed071616-210 BKNyeWed071616-211 BKNyeWed071616-214 BKNyeWed071616-215 BKNyeWed071616-216 BKNyeWed071616-226 BKNyeWed071616-219 BKNyeWed071616-251 BKNyeWed071616-260 BKNyeWed071616-266 BKNyeWed071616-299 BKNyeWed071616-317BKNyeWed071616-309 BKNyeWed071616-312 BKNyeWed071616-315 BKNyeWed071616-320 BKNyeWed071616-321 BKNyeWed071616-323 BKNyeWed071616-328 BKNyeWed071616-334 BKNyeWed071616-336 BKNyeWed071616-344 BKNyeWed071616-351 BKNyeWed071616-352 BKNyeWed071616-353 BKNyeWed071616-370 BKNyeWed071616-371 BKNyeWed071616-378 BKNyeWed071616-388 BKNyeWed071616-396 BKNyeWed071616-403 BKNyeWed071616-405 BKNyeWed071616-407 BKNyeWed071616-347BKNyeWed071616-408 BKNyeWed071616-410 BKNyeWed071616-412 BKNyeWed071616-415 BKNyeWed071616-416 BKNyeWed071616-420 BKNyeWed071616-421 BKNyeWed071616-440 BKNyeWed071616-442 BKNyeWed071616-447 BKNyeWed071616-451 BKNyeWed071616-459 BKNyeWed071616-464 BKNyeWed071616-470 BKNyeWed071616-471 BKNyeWed071616-483

Congratulations Kelly and Ben!  We love your gorgeous style … and your Koozies 🙂

Linda the the Cedarwood Event Team

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