July 9, 2016

Vintage Botanical Wedding Inspiration

Photos by Julie Paisley Photography

Inspired by vintage drawings of botanical wreaths, our team used layers of natural vines and honeysuckle plucked from our historic estate to create this garden wedding inspiration. Delicate and organic details include a few vintage cloches and candlesticks, an aptly titled vintage novel, and whimsical butterfly or two. The setting and the styling are anchored in the fresh green hues and pastel buds that make Tennessee springtime such a special season for weddings at our Nashville venue.

We love the muted ivory tones of the bride’s tulle and lace gown by Hayley Paige from The Dress Theory. Our bride Leslie (a wedding hair and makeup artist) did her hair in a wispy pull-up that looks as soft and natural as the setting.  Her free form bouquet bursts with natural foliage and pops of garden roses, wrapped with the stem of a natural twining vine. The entire day was a wonderful collaboration with photographer Julie Paisley and the Cedarwood Weddings event team and vendors.

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Natural garden elements and the timeless elegance of Historic Cedarwood encourages a blend old and new, southern romance and garden contemporary. An elegantly understated tablescape using cool gray and dusty green hues is complimented by a loosely designed tabletop garland and soft, neutral florals. The ceremony altar crowned by a fresh green wreath and chair backs connected by a fresh green garland mimic the wreath motif. An ivy and honeysuckle illustrated botanical  paper suite by Designs in Paper and a vine-entwined cake added cohesive detail to the organic wedding design.

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Breathtakingly gorgeous!  Thanks to these special people for being part of this editorial team.

Photography:  Julie Paisley

Venue:  Historic Cedarwood

Floral, design, styling:  Cedarwood Weddings

Paper Suite:  Designs in Paper

Cake:  Patty Cakes

Dress:  Hayley Paige

Salon: The Dress Theory

Hair and MUA:  Leslie Ellis – Locks by Leslie

Models:  Leslie and Daniel Ellis

Linda and the Cedarwood Event Team


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