July 14, 2016

Jaclyn+Doug :: 06.25.16

Photography by Photographix

Unable to agree on a venue in Cincinnati, Jaclyn and Doug chose to have a  destination wedding at Nashville’s Historic Cedarwood.  Jaclyn loves the classic elegance of blush and neutral toned weddings with a pop of a rich color, and she wanted an altar that was uniquely theirs. Doug built a custom frame for the Cedarwood design team to adorn with festoons of beautiful florals. Jaw-droping gorgeous.

To keep the celebration “light and fun’, Doug asked his bride to arrive at the altar in her Dad’s hot-rod show car – no doubt a thrill for the father-of-the-bride and a great surprise for guests. Adding to the enthusiasm and excitement of this day was Jaclyn and Doug’s ‘all-child’ bridal party, consisting of their nieces and nephews. Pure delight, and so precious! Enjoy this remarkable day through images from Photographix. 

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Jaclyn and Doug, you are absolutely radiant. Thank you for your confidence in Cedarwood and these kind words: “Through our internet research to find a destination wedding venue within driving distance of Cincinnatti, we stumbled upon Cedarwood and decided to take an impromptu trip last Memorial Day Weekend to check it out. The staff welcomed our unplanned visit with open arms and we both fell in love with the Southern Charm of the venue and the Cedarwood crew.”  Thanks also to Photographix for sharing these lovely images of the day for our blog.

Linda and the Cedarwood Event Team


Bridal Gown: Maggie Sottero, Style: Mattea (Bridal & Formal, Cincinnati, OH)

Accessories: Nadri, Doug’s Grandma’s Necklace

Flower Girls: Renz Bridal (Etsy)

Hair and Makeup stylist: Kat from Katie Russo Beauty


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