July 7, 2016

Erica+Jeff :: 04.30.16

Images by JVZ Photo

Erica and Jeff‘s self-proclaimed crazy love story began 16 years ago. They sent each other coded messages using their beeper keys “4” “5” “9” (aka I-L-Y – I love you!)  We think it’s great that Erica and Jeff memorialized their relationship by setting their ceremony time at 4:59pm.  The gorgeous draped altar and candlelit pavilion was stunning, styled in black, blush and gold.  Erica and Jeff’s reception party lit up the entertainment pavilion, and Erica lead the dance moves in her bedazzled Converse shoes. We are obsessed with these shoes, and crazy about this fantastic couple. Thanks JVZ Photo for sharing images of their Cedarwood celebration!

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JVZ_7528JVZ_7482IMG_0875JVZ_8247JVZ_7912JVZ_8138 JVZ_8167JVZ_7521JVZ_7442JVZ_7545IMG_0884JVZ_7492JVZ_7568JVZ_7555 JVZ_7557 JVZ_7558JVZ_7564 JVZ_7466JVZ_7473JVZ_7892JVZ_7582 JVZ_7585JVZ_7593JVZ_7591JVZ_7580JVZ_7608JVZ_7614JVZ_7477JVZ_7630JVZ_7645 JVZ_7657JVZ_7798JVZ_7748JVZ_7738JVZ_7776JVZ_7771JVZ_7811JVZ_7847 JVZ_7854 JVZ_7667 JVZ_7671JVZ_7673 JVZ_7676 JVZ_7680 JVZ_7692JVZ_7686JVZ_7705 JVZ_7715 JVZ_7915 JVZ_7917JVZ_7938JVZ_7968JVZ_7562JVZ_7978JVZ_7984JVZ_8006 JVZ_8007 JVZ_7992JVZ_8014 JVZ_8016 JVZ_8024 JVZ_8042JVZ_7726 JVZ_7813 JVZ_7842JVZ_7743JVZ_7657 JVZ_8085 JVZ_8069JVZ_8136 JVZ_8096JVZ_8137JVZ_8176 JVZ_8183 JVZ_8188 JVZ_8139 JVZ_8213JVZ_8146-2JVZ_8220JVZ_8225JVZ_8205 JVZ_8204 JVZ_8157JVZ_8275 JVZ_8196JVZ_8302 JVZ_8326JVZ_7886JVZ_8474JVZ_7887-2JVZ_8488 JVZ_8536-2 JVZ_8600JVZ_8418JVZ_8619JVZ_8376

Thank you Erica and Jeff for sharing your love, your genuine kindness and fun spirits.  We are grateful you chose Cedarwood for your Nashville destination wedding to begin the rest of your life adventure.

Linda and the Cedarwood Event Team

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