May 18, 2016

Sole to Soul :: Bridal Fashion Picks

We have to admit that blogging the first quarter of the Cedarwood wedding season can make us a bit…um…impatient.  With so many gorgeous Cedarwood weddings already celebrated this spring, we now wait for photos to share with you!  And trust us, they will be worth the wait!

We’re taking this time to share a few fun topics, and today’s post is our team’s fashion style picks of one of the most important things a bride will wear on her wedding day: shoes! They keep you grounded (literally), and speak volumes about your personal style.  From designer stilettos to sneakers and boots to bare feet, we love the variety of fashion footwear worn by Cedarwood brides. Here’s a few fave picks!

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Thanks for checking in with the Cedarwood Weddings blog! Stay tuned for some amazing real weddings at our Nashville historic estate venue!

Linda and the Cedarwood Event Team

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