May 20, 2016

Mary Katherine+Matt :: 05.08.16

Photos by Teale Photography

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We are extra excited that Mary Katherine and Matt’s personally impeccable wedding was featured on Ruffled Blog. Click here to see the Ruffled feature!

Mary Katherine and Matt raised the bar for  boho garden grand style. For starters: Mary Katherine’s exquisite silk dress in the softest shade of champagne with her bridesmaids in lighter ivory tones.  And flowers in her hair – the loveliest peonies and ranunculus – which also grace gorgeous, flowing-ribbon bouquets. Guys in navy (jeans welcomed!) and fresh, green garlands everywhere.

Mary Katherine and Matt’s eclectic style was studded with colorful, vintage glass, soft-colored blooms and music. We love Matt’s guitar-shaped groom’s cake by Patty Cakes. Their lovely May Cedarwood Wedding celebration was impeccably photographed by Teale Photography, and we are smitten these images, and this day.

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Congratulations Mary Katherine and Matt! Thanks for selecting Cedarwood to host your incredible wedding. Thanks Teale Photography for showing and sharing the beauty of Mary Katherine and Matt’s day.

Linda and the Cedarwood Event Team

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