February 25, 2016

Lovely Lakeside Hues :: Kelly+Jason

Photographer:  Julian Allen

Like a lot of great love stories, Kelly and Jason‘s relationship can be traced all way back to preschool.  Kelly shares, “We grew up in the same town, just one year apart, and officially became a couple in high school.  Young love came to an end, and although our paths would cross from time to time, until I moved to San Diego. Jason remained in Columbus, and six years passed from the last time we saw one another. Chance had it that Jason’s brother relocated to San Diego and that was an instigator for our reunion. We were both unattached and a strong connection remained.”

Kelly wanted their wedding to be relaxed, outside, and to be a good time for family and friends.  She and Jason liked the earthy feel of Historic Cedarwood, they enjoy country music and everything Nashville has to offer, including a destination wedding location within driving distance from Ohio.  Enjoy Kelly and Jason’s romantic blue-hued day through these images by photographer Julian Allen.

IMG_4472IMG_3030(1) IMG_3267IMG_3261IMG_9130IMG_4777IMG_4883IMG_4909IMG_9122IMG_4206 (1)IMG_9213IMG_4938IMG_4962 (1)IMG_4974 (1)IMG_4992IMG_5045 IMG_3399IMG_3426IMG_3575IMG_3597IMG_3637IMG_3703IMG_3715IMG_3767IMG_4243IMG_4276IMG_4316mk1IMG_5190IMG_5142IMG_5110IMG_5107 (1)IMG_5102IMG_5092IMG_5062IMG_4355-2IMG_3612IMG_3618IMG_3631IMG_3038IMG_5260IMG_5252IMG_4375IMG_5287IMG_4388IMG_5313IMG_4392IMG_4414IMG_4420IMG_4429IMG_4449-2IMG_4477IMG_4483 (1)IMG_4492IMG_9337IMG_5413IMG_5451IMG_5472IMG_9391IMG_5218IMG_5248IMG_5479IMG_5558IMG_5539IMG_5485IMG_5458IMG_5278IMG_9008IMG_3650IMG_9020IMG_9078IMG_9011IMG_9013IMG_9015IMG_9382IMG_9354IMG_9103IMG_9048IMG_9363IMG_9423IMG_4573 (1)IMG_4620-2IMG_4628IMG_5905IMG_5674IMG_5898IMG_5966IMG_5687IMG_5791 (1)IMG_9038IMG_5748IMG_5714IMG_5768 (1)IMG_6015

What a sensational celebration! Thank you Kelly and Jason for gracing Historic Cedarwood with your love. Thanks to Julian Allen for sharing your photography of the day with the Cedarwood Blog.

Linda and the Cedarwood Event Team


Photographer: Julian Allen

Dress: Lela Rose via The Dress Theory

Hair and makeup: Studio BBC Salon, stylist Jessica Arnholt

Suit: Charles Tyrwhitt

Paper products: Minted, Lucky Luxe, and Designs in Paper

Catering: Chef Chris

Cake: Patty Cakes

DJ: Premier DJ

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