February 8, 2016

Classic Cedarwood Autumn Wedding :: Erin+Taylor

Photography by Jenna Henderson

Erin and Taylor almost didn’t meet. But of course, love had a different intention. Erin shares, “Taylor & I always talk about how we had an instant draw to each other the night we met, and how we feel like we were brought together for a reason. Both of us almost didn’t even attend the party where we met! We knew it was fate! Our relationship is one of trust, very easy, respect, friendship, and of course love!”

Erin and Taylor wanted their day to be romantic, elegant, southern, and seasonal, balancing the warm hues of autumn with classic navy blue.  Erin told us above all, she and Taylor wanted their wedding to be stress free and fun! That’s always the priority of the Cedarwood event team, and we are delighted to see the joy and beauty of this day captured by photographer Jenna Henderson.

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Congratulations Erin and Taylor. You are obviously meant-to-be together! Enjoy the blessings of your love and your loving family.  Thanks Jenna Henderson, for sharing these beautiful images with us.

Linda and the Cedarwood Event Team

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