January 14, 2016

Softly Lit Outdoor Wedding :: Elizabeth+Charlie

Photos by Love is a Big Deal

Elizabeth and Charlie were connected by social media – literally.  They worked across the street from one another and Charlie came in one day and gave Elizabeth his number for her to text him, but he gave the wrong number! When there was no communication from her, Charlie found Elizabeth on twitter and direct messaged her. Once the connection was made, love ensued, and as the rest is history!  We are glad Elizabeth and Charlie found Cedarwood!  Elizabeth says she and Charlie came to visit our historic venue and fell in love! Cedarwood was the first on only place they looked at for their Nashville Wedding.

Inspired by beautiful scenery and outdoor weddings, Elizabeth wanted their wedding design to feature neutrals with pops of blush. We are smitten by their organic, understated style and beautiful photography by Love is a Big Deal.  Enjoy!

ElizabethCharlieWedding308 ElizabethCharlieWedding001ElizabethCharlieWedding370 ElizabethCharlieWedding014ElizabethCharlieWedding115ElizabethCharlieWedding125ElizabethCharlieWedding010ElizabethCharlieWedding013ElizabethCharlieWedding017ElizabethCharlieWedding368ElizabethCharlieWedding025 ElizabethCharlieWedding365 ElizabethCharlieWedding366 ElizabethCharlieWedding015ElizabethCharlieWedding053ElizabethCharlieWedding094ElizabethCharlieWedding076ElizabethCharlieWedding147ElizabethCharlieWedding148ElizabethCharlieWedding149ElizabethCharlieWedding184ElizabethCharlieWedding182ElizabethCharlieWedding188ElizabethCharlieWedding206ElizabethCharlieWedding220ElizabethCharlieWedding215ElizabethCharlieWedding223ElizabethCharlieWedding079 ElizabethCharlieWedding207 ElizabethCharlieWedding217ElizabethCharlieWedding218 ElizabethCharlieWedding263ElizabethCharlieWedding088 ElizabethCharlieWedding089 ElizabethCharlieWedding369ElizabethCharlieWedding090 ElizabethCharlieWedding087 ElizabethCharlieWedding086 ElizabethCharlieWedding085 ElizabethCharlieWedding082 ElizabethCharlieWedding077 ElizabethCharlieWedding078 ElizabethCharlieWedding291 ElizabethCharlieWedding295 ElizabethCharlieWedding288 ElizabethCharlieWedding284 ElizabethCharlieWedding268 ElizabethCharlieWedding271 ElizabethCharlieWedding008 ElizabethCharlieWedding007 ElizabethCharlieWedding006 ElizabethCharlieWedding096ElizabethCharlieWedding005 ElizabethCharlieWedding012 ElizabethCharlieWedding011 ElizabethCharlieWedding004ElizabethCharlieWedding081 ElizabethCharlieWedding080 ElizabethCharlieWedding398 ElizabethCharlieWedding404 ElizabethCharlieWedding480

Congratulations Elizabeth and Charlie. May your lives be filled with love, light and joy. Thanks to Love is a Big Deal for sharing images with us!

Dress: Removika via b.Hughes
Invites: Designs in Paper
Cake: Patty Cakes
Catering: Chef Christopher
Rentals: Liberty Party Rental
Photos: Love is A Big Deal
Entertainment: Premier DJ

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  1. Melissa Ann Bradshaw says:

    A business named Elmwood gardens by Provence posted today on Facebook a photo from this wedding claiming it as theirs

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