January 19, 2016

Charming Cedar Cottage Wedding :: Hannah+Daniel

Photos by Jenna Henderson


Hannah and Daniel‘s intimate wedding at Cedarwood’s Cedar Cottage is one of the most beautiful unions, with styling built around the very foundation of marriage – their personally written vows to each other.  Beautifully adorned scrolls of their vows, created by Designs in Paper, were appropriately presented to them at the ceremony, and poster sized versions hung over their reception table. The hand-lettered font became a consistent feature throughout their wedding stationery suite, elegant in its simplicity.

Surrounded with lush flowers, foliage and garlands, the beauty of Hannah and Daniel’s ceremony and reception settings are rustic elegance at its finest. Hannah’s fashion sensibility, a combination of haute couture and playful style (love her BHLDN gown and socks and shoes!) raises the bar for personal expression. We adore every ounce of this sensational Cedarwood cottage wedding. Enjoy its splendor through these delightful photos by the ever talented Jenna Henderson.

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Thank you Hannah and Daniel for trusting Cedarwood to create your wedding dream. It was a dream for us as well.  Thank you Jenna Henderson, for your always sensational photography, and for sharing it with us!

Linda and the Cedarwood Event Team

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