December 7, 2015

Industrial Inspiration at Historic Cedarwood

Photography by Jenna Henderson

We are a bit giddy over the Cedarwood Weddings organic industrial inspirational shoot for many passions and reasons: new friends Gianna and Chad, Green Wedding Shoes, our Airstreams, film photography by Jenna Henderson, divine silver Claire Pettibone gown from The Dress Theory, Designs in Paper’s insane table number and awesome invitations, Patty Cakes industrial cake design with our pyrite mineral cubes, perfect organic pottery by Handmade Studio TN,  gunmetal chairs from Liberty Party Rental, and last but not least, Cedarwood’s floral and styling geniuses.  If you haven’t seen the feature on Green Wedding shoes, CLICK HERE to head over!

Screen Shot 2015-12-06 at 5.57.33 PM

We wanted to treat Cedarwood Weddings blog followers with a few additional images, so that you can enjoy even more organic industrial style by the Cedarwood design team. Enjoy!

OliveYou_Cedarwood_004 OliveYou_Cedarwood_007 OliveYou_Cedarwood_008 OliveYou_Cedarwood_009 OliveYou_Cedarwood_013 OliveYou_Cedarwood_015 OliveYou_Cedarwood_017 OliveYou_Cedarwood_018 OliveYou_Cedarwood_023 OliveYou_Cedarwood_027 OliveYou_Cedarwood_028 OliveYou_Cedarwood_029 OliveYou_Cedarwood_034 OliveYou_Cedarwood_036 OliveYou_Cedarwood_038 OliveYou_Cedarwood_040 OliveYou_Cedarwood_042 OliveYou_Cedarwood_046 OliveYou_Cedarwood_047 OliveYou_Cedarwood_052 OliveYou_Cedarwood_055 OliveYou_Cedarwood_056 OliveYou_Cedarwood_057 OliveYou_Cedarwood_062 OliveYou_Cedarwood_063 OliveYou_Cedarwood_065 OliveYou_Cedarwood_072 OliveYou_Cedarwood_082 OliveYou_Cedarwood_084 OliveYou_Cedarwood_085 OliveYou_Cedarwood_087 OliveYou_Cedarwood_090 OliveYou_Cedarwood_092 OliveYou_Cedarwood_097 OliveYou_Cedarwood_103 OliveYou_Cedarwood_104 OliveYou_Cedarwood_106 OliveYou_Cedarwood_107 OliveYou_Cedarwood_108 OliveYou_Cedarwood_109 OliveYou_Cedarwood_112 OliveYou_Cedarwood_115 OliveYou_Cedarwood_121 OliveYou_Cedarwood_123 OliveYou_Cedarwood_124 OliveYou_Cedarwood_125 OliveYou_Cedarwood_126 OliveYou_Cedarwood_129 OliveYou_Cedarwood_131 OliveYou_Cedarwood_132 OliveYou_Cedarwood_133 OliveYou_Cedarwood_134 OliveYou_Cedarwood_138 OliveYou_Cedarwood_139 OliveYou_Cedarwood_140 OliveYou_Cedarwood_141 OliveYou_Cedarwood_143 OliveYou_Cedarwood_144 OliveYou_Cedarwood_148 OliveYou_Cedarwood_150 OliveYou_Cedarwood_152 OliveYou_Cedarwood_156 OliveYou_Cedarwood_159 OliveYou_Cedarwood_162 OliveYou_Cedarwood_166 OliveYou_Cedarwood_170 OliveYou_Cedarwood_171 OliveYou_Cedarwood_174 OliveYou_Cedarwood_177 OliveYou_Cedarwood_179

Thanks to an amazing creative team and Jenna Henderson for making this gorgeous day possible. And to Green Wedding Shoes for sharing it. If you haven’t seen the feature on Green Wedding shoes, CLICK HERE to head over! Comments always loved!

Linda and the Cedarwood Event Team

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