December 15, 2015

An American Fairytale :: Mayra+Kevin, Part 2

Photography by Kristyn Hogan

Mayra and Kevin‘s American Fairytale wedding at Historic Cedarwood continues with more stunning photos by Kristyn Hogan.  Rewind to Part 1 if you missed an ounce of this goodness.  Mayra and Kevin are blessed with the wealth of life: amazing love for each other, beautiful children, a close family circle and friends who like to have a good time.  On the fairytale side of things, let’s face it – a hot air balloon proposal plan – seriously. And more. Mayra wore a stunning Lazaro wedding grown. When she tried it on at Bridals by Lori, the designer Lazaro happened to be there.  They met, and he sketched the dress for her! Mayra’s shoes are Christian Louboutin, and her style is an effortless translation from movie star classic to bohemian beauty.

Blackberry bubbly was their signature drink and we all know champagne is the drink of the gods 🙂  A biscuit and berry bar. Hello southern perfection.  Dining al fresco, and some of the prettiest flowers and decor we have ever seen.  And in case you have the idea our fairytale accounting is leaning Mayra’s way, Kevin made out pretty well (besides marrying the love of his life.)  Mayra bought Kevin a corvette as his wedding gift. It was their getaway car. We hope you love every detail of their day!

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Thank you Mayra and Kevin for showering us with your kindness, style and beauty. We wish you an never-ending fairytale as husband and wife. Thanks Kristyn Hogan for the photos. They are remarkable.

Linda and the Cedarwood Event Team

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  1. Viwed says:

    Beautifully done, Your love shows through in your happy faces and the first dance picture captures it all.

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