November 13, 2015

Vibrant Boho Backyard Bash :: Larin+Jason

Photos by Teale Photography

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Larin and Jason’s Cedarwood wedding was destined for publication, and we are thrilled it landed on the style-leader wedding blog, Ruffled! Larin and Jason’s love story revels the cute personalities of this gorgeous bride and groom.   “Living down the street from one another back in the day, I was actually best friends with Jason’s little sister and enjoyed flirting with her handsome older brother. And although somewhere deep down, I think we both knew we’d be together someday, it wasn’t until Jason moved 300 miles away that our love story began. Reunited one Labor Day weekend eight years ago launched a marathon of cars, planes, and a host of moves until we settled in Tennessee.We had actually planned to getting married in our hometown until we laid eyes on Cedarwood. We wanted to share it’s southern charm with our favorite people.”

Larin had a clear vision, which was to create an environment that blended rustic elegance with the organic warmth of a backyard bash. Larin shares, “Capitalizing on the raw beauty of Historic Cedarwood, our styling was romantic, playful, and totally us! I wanted our personal style to shine through in the details – and our guests definitely noticed! The color scheme, inspired by my bedroom pillows actually, was intended to complement the natural setting – blush to vibrant pinks, lush greenery, and mixed metals. From the very beginning, I knew I wanted our altar to be a lasting artifact we could display in our home. I created this free-flowing installation to give the already beautiful backdrop a layer of depth and whimsy. The pinks and florals were perfectly juxtaposed with more masculine accents – woods, skulls, antlers, and other raw materials to create an earthy vibe. And if my husband loves anything more than me, it’s his country – insert American flag everywhere.”  We love Larin and Jason’s distinctive style, and their amazing wedding photos by Teale Photography. Enjoy!

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Congratulations Larin and Jason and thanks for sharing your wonderful selves and your stellar style with us.  Thanks Teale Photography for being great as usual!


“To the fabulous Cedarwood team,  Thank you for making our wedding all I could have dreamed of and more. You are such a treasure to the industry and I feel so privileged to be one of your lucky brides. Thank you for the heart and soul that brings Cedarwood to life, and for making us feel right at home. You truly exceeded our expectations in every way possible and your entire team is simply phenomenal!” Forever grateful, Larin and Jason Singer

Larin and Jason, You absolutely made our hearts sing with your graciousness.

Linda and the Cedarwood Event Team

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