November 20, 2015

Relaxed and Refined Classic Wedding :: Carey+Kyle

Photography by Kelsey Combe

Carey and Kyle met while attending Vanderbilt University in Nashville. Here’s their story: “Kyle and I met  week before Fall semester started my junior and his senior year, just before my study abroad program in Italy.  After hanging out a few days before I left, we didn’t talk for four whole months. However, the day I came back to school, we hit things off like we had never been apart. Nashville is where we fell in love and where we had some of the best years of our lives and met some of our best friends, so it was a natural place for our wedding.”  Both Carey and Kyle are city people, Carey growing up in downtown Boston, and their current home in downtown Chicago, so they wanted their Nashville destination wedding at Historic Cedarwood to have an elegant vibe. They also both love the outdoors, the pure air and feeling nature provides and wanted to incorporate that into their look.  Carey says, “Cedarwood’s grounds are breathtaking and we love all of the areas on the property to explore and celebrate.”

As an interior decorator, Carey had a specific vision for her wedding:  “I appreciate relaxed yet refined and classic styles and am inspired by light and airy color palettes with a romantic and ethereal vibe. I love lavender, lots of greenery and wood, and wanted those elements included in our wedding day in a big way. We loved that the Cedarwood team takes the time to get to know each bride and deliver a wedding design that is purely them. I knew what look I was attracted to and felt confident that Cedarwood would be able to help us achieve that look. Our New York photographer, Kelsey Combe, has the perfect style to document our look and her portfolio had a big influence on how I picked colors and designs for our big day. I personally designed our welcome bags, escort cards and programs. Our main goal was that guests could experience the personality, love and work that went into creating our wedding day.”  

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Hooray Carey and Kyle! You succeeded in enchanting every guest, and we are honored to be part of your day.  Kelsey Combe, we hope you will be photographing another Cedarwood Wedding soon…don’t be a stranger!

Linda and the Cedarwood Event Team

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