October 1, 2015

Tennessee Terrain Wedding Inspiration

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Photos by Abby Weeden

Cedarwood’s creative inspiration for this shoot was born from our love of remote natural areas so abundant in Tennessee, and the free-spirited couples who embrace them.  Celebrating the road less traveled, our minimal, private elopement is set in pockets of lush landscapes along the creek that runs through our property. United by bohemian spirit and a passion for outdoor adventure, Haley and Chase personify this eclectic, organic style.

Heritage and heirloom define our bride and groom’s wedding style, starting with the bride’s antique wedding ring inherited from her great grandmother. Our bride’s boho-chic dress made of vintage lace focuses on natural, graceful movement. Using wildflowers and forged foliage, florals are unstructured and unfussy. Poetic vows (memorialized by the bride’s tattoo) and a hand-fastening ceremony were followed by a playful session in the creek. Celebrating with legendary southern spirits (originally made in creekside stills), a Moonshine toast was the perfect tribute to Tennessee’s wild side of love. Thanks to Abby Weeden for the amazing photography and to August Willows for featuring our wedding inspiration.

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We are grateful to have jobs that provide opportunities for us to create magical environments and work with amazing people, like these friends!

Linda and the Cedarwood Event Team

Photography: Abby Weeden Photography & Design
Venue:  Historic Cedarwood; Cedarwood Nature Preserve; Whites Creek Greenway
Creative concept, event design, flowers: Cedarwood Weddings
Fashion:  Ring: Family Heirloom; Brides’ dress: Re-designed vintage lace; Brides’ belt: Anthropologie; Groom’s attire: Express
Carmel Cake:  Lori Seal
Bar:  Tennessee Moonshine and legendary southern spirits
Hand-lettered signage:  Cedarwood Weddings
Gorgeous models:  Hayley and Chase

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