October 23, 2015

Lush and Romantic Destination Wedding :: Megan+Greg

Photos by Teale Photography

When we look at the amazing photos of Megan and Greg‘s lush and romantic Cedarwood destination wedding, we drift to our most wonderful fantasies of a princess and her prince charming.  The lovely blush and Marsala florals… THE ceremony arch… floral chandeliers, a 35-foot kings table for family… the way Greg kisses Megan’s hand… this is swoon country.  And of course the Cedarwood country estate adds regal outdoor beauty with the softest touch of rustic.

The upscale fashion style of our Columbus, Ohio couple was impeccable – starting with Megan’s bridal gown by Tara Keely from La Jeune Mariee Bridal, and hair and makeup by Katie Russo Beauty. Greg was attired in Tommy Hilfiger from Macy’s and the Maid of Honor in Adrianna Papell from BHLD.com.  Of course, we think their ultimate style starts with choosing Nashville and Cedarwood to host their desintation wedding – lol – and we love that Megan named her signature cocktail the “Cedarwood Mule.”  Thank you!  Enjoy this amazing day through images by the talented Teale Photography.

Ray Wedding-0005

Ray Wedding-0593

Ray Wedding-0587

Ray Wedding-0585

Ray Wedding-0576

Ray Wedding-0579

Ray Wedding-0580

Ray Wedding-0004

Ray Wedding-0024

Ray Wedding-0582

Ray Wedding-0040

Ray Wedding-0044

Ray Wedding-0897

Ray Wedding-0934

Ray Wedding-0015

Ray Wedding-0067

Ray Wedding-0065

Ray Wedding-0062

Ray Wedding-0217

Ray Wedding-0191

Ray Wedding-0185

Ray Wedding-0083

Ray Wedding-0118

Ray Wedding-0090

Ray Wedding-0114

Ray Wedding-0220

Ray Wedding-0302

Ray Wedding-0322

Ray Wedding-0324

Ray Wedding-0285

Ray Wedding-0326


Ray Wedding-0328

Ray Wedding-0911

Ray Wedding-0896

Ray Wedding-0846

Ray Wedding-0907

Ray Wedding-0912

Ray Wedding-0917

Ray Wedding-0918

Ray Wedding-0915

Ray Wedding-0014

Ray Wedding-0017

Ray Wedding-0028

Ray Wedding-0537

Ray Wedding-0533

Ray Wedding-0530

Ray Wedding-0516

Ray Wedding-0522

Ray Wedding-0527

Ray Wedding-0555

Ray Wedding-0575

Ray Wedding-0608Ray Wedding-0595

Ray Wedding-0607Ray Wedding-0591

Ray Wedding-0610

Ray Wedding-0618

Ray Wedding-0628
Ray Wedding-0592 copy

Ray Wedding-0632

Ray Wedding-0634

Ray Wedding-0643

Ray Wedding-0650 copy

Ray Wedding-0670

Ray Wedding-0681

Ray Wedding-0700

Ray Wedding-0597

Ray Wedding-0672

Ray Wedding-0678

Ray Wedding-0667

Ray Wedding-0705

Ray Wedding-0497

Ray Wedding-0793

Ray Wedding-0345

Ray Wedding-0350

Ray Wedding-0353 copyRay Wedding-0475

Ray Wedding-0392

Ray Wedding-0379

Ray Wedding-0409 copy

Ray Wedding-0366

Ray Wedding-0794

Ray Wedding-0800

Ray Wedding-0798

Ray Wedding-0795

Ray Wedding-0801

Ray Wedding-0485

Ray Wedding-0809

Ray Wedding-0827

Ray Wedding-0811

Ray Wedding-0828

Ray Wedding-0822
Ray Wedding-0820

Ray Wedding-0843
Ray Wedding-0895

Ray Wedding-0883

Ray Wedding-0837

Ray Wedding-0844

Ray Wedding-0854

Ray Wedding-0866

Ray Wedding-0867

Ray Wedding-0875

Ray Wedding-0879

Ray Wedding-0852

Ray Wedding-0885

Ray Wedding-0844
Ray Wedding-0870

Ray Wedding-0028

Ray Wedding-0013

Ray Wedding-0977

Ray Wedding-1057

Ray Wedding-1066

Ray Wedding-1184

Ray Wedding-1132

Ray Wedding-1134

Ray Wedding-1194

Ray Wedding-1191

What a magnificent wedding! Congratulations Megan and Greg. Thanks Teale Photography for sharing your magical images with us.

Lind and the Cedarwood Event Team

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