September 2, 2015

Apple Orchard Autumn Inspiration by Cedarwood Weddings

rwc_medalian_logo3_250Photos by Kristyn Hogan

Fresh pressed apple cider served in ironstone vessles. Gray linens on rustic wood tables, decorated with apples, flowers and fresh greens.  A fresh herb drying rack and a farm picking bucket repurposed to hold hard cider. This is Cedarwood’s recipe for harvest reception style.  

The Cedarwood design team showcased this rustic linen look at the 2015 Cedarwood Style Show, and we are grateful to Kristyn Hogan for photographing it for us. Invitation suite by the talented Designs in Paper. Rentals from our friends at Liberty Party Rental. Flower supplier, Import Flowers. Vintage decor, event design, styling and flowers by our crazy talented and wedding-obsessed team at Cedarwood Weddings!   

We are honored that Rustic Wedding Chic  shared our Harvest design inspiration on their blog.

Cedarwood_SS_2015_088 Cedarwood_SS_2015_089 Cedarwood_SS_2015_090 Cedarwood_SS_2015_091 Cedarwood_SS_2015_092 Cedarwood_SS_2015_093 Cedarwood_SS_2015_094 Cedarwood_SS_2015_095 Cedarwood_SS_2015_096 Cedarwood_SS_2015_097 Cedarwood_SS_2015_098 Cedarwood_SS_2015_099 Cedarwood_SS_2015_100 Cedarwood_SS_2015_101 Cedarwood_SS_2015_102 Cedarwood_SS_2015_103 Cedarwood_SS_2015_104 Cedarwood_SS_2015_105 preview Cedarwood_SS_2015_105 Cedarwood_SS_2015_106 Cedarwood_SS_2015_107 Cedarwood_SS_2015_108 Cedarwood_SS_2015_109 Cedarwood_SS_2015_110 Cedarwood_SS_2015_111 Cedarwood_SS_2015_112 Cedarwood_SS_2015_113 Cedarwood_SS_2015_114 Cedarwood_SS_2015_115 Cedarwood_SS_2015_116 Cedarwood_SS_2015_117 Cedarwood_SS_2015_118 Cedarwood_SS_2015_119 Cedarwood_SS_2015_120 Cedarwood_SS_2015_121 Cedarwood_SS_2015_122 Cedarwood_SS_2015_123

We are looking forward to autumn loveliness at Cedarwood!  Thanks to Rustic Wedding Chic for sharing – click here for the feature!

Linda and the Cedarwood Event Team

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