August 17, 2015

Casually Classic Eclectic :: Libby+Tim

Photography by Love is a Big Deal

We believe every love, each couple, are unique – and expressions of their relationship should be as well, especially on the day of their wedding.  Libby and Tim are an exceptionally beautiful pair who chose Cedarwood as their Nashville wedding venue, and we relished helping them create a setting to express and share their love.

Libby’s perfectly coffered, flower embellished, fishtail French braid has stolen our hearts, and set the stage for this classic-bohemian beauty. Her bridesmaids monochromatic-hued dresses accent her bridal style to a tee.  Mix together a little sparkle, a little vintage, a little southern chic, a love of travel and classic romance, and you have Libby and Tim’s casually eclectic Cedarwood celebration.  Enjoy their festive day through photos by Love is a Big Deal. 

LibbyTimWedding001 LibbyTimWedding205LibbyTimWedding002 LibbyTimWedding004 LibbyTimWedding005 LibbyTimWedding006 LibbyTimWedding007 LibbyTimWedding008 LibbyTimWedding009 LibbyTimWedding010 LibbyTimWedding011 LibbyTimWedding013 LibbyTimWedding014 LibbyTimWedding015 LibbyTimWedding018LibbyTimWedding188LibbyTimWedding189LibbyTimWedding190LibbyTimWedding191LibbyTimWedding193LibbyTimWedding016 LibbyTimWedding029 LibbyTimWedding030 LibbyTimWedding035 LibbyTimWedding037 LibbyTimWedding038 LibbyTimWedding039 LibbyTimWedding040 LibbyTimWedding058 LibbyTimWedding061 LibbyTimWedding064 LibbyTimWedding066 LibbyTimWedding067 LibbyTimWedding144LibbyTimWedding079 LibbyTimWedding081 LibbyTimWedding110 LibbyTimWedding118 LibbyTimWedding082LibbyTimWedding140 LibbyTimWedding150 LibbyTimWedding158 LibbyTimWedding159 LibbyTimWedding168 LibbyTimWedding175 LibbyTimWedding176 LibbyTimWedding178 LibbyTimWedding179 LibbyTimWedding182 LibbyTimWedding183 LibbyTimWedding185 LibbyTimWedding187 LibbyTimWedding026 LibbyTimWedding208 LibbyTimWedding449LibbyTimWedding244 LibbyTimWedding249 LibbyTimWedding251 LibbyTimWedding272 LibbyTimWedding199LibbyTimWedding276 LibbyTimWedding274 LibbyTimWedding297 LibbyTimWedding299 LibbyTimWedding309 LibbyTimWedding316 LibbyTimWedding317 LibbyTimWedding374 LibbyTimWedding382 LibbyTimWedding398 LibbyTimWedding402 LibbyTimWedding409 LibbyTimWedding414 LibbyTimWedding418 LibbyTimWedding427 LibbyTimWedding435 LibbyTimWedding204LibbyTimWedding444LibbyTimWedding445LibbyTimWedding451LibbyTimWedding453 LibbyTimWedding458 LibbyTimWedding520 LibbyTimWedding573 LibbyTimWedding593 LibbyTimWedding620 LibbyTimWedding622

Thanks Libby and Tim for sharing your impeccable style.  May you enjoy every moment enveloped in love. Thanks to Love is a Big Deal for sharing your work with us!  Beautiful!

Linda and the Cedarwood Event Team


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