August 27, 2015

Bare Bones Photo Tour :: Historic Cedarwood

Photography by Olivia Smartt Photography

Last fall, Northern California photographer Olivia Smartt stopped by Historic Cedarwood to say hello while she was visiting Nashville.  We are always happy to meet new photographers, and are honored when they want to meet us! Olivia asked if it would be okay for her to take a few shots around the property, and our first impulse was “oh no, we’re just returning from a wedding weekend, nothing is re-set or decorated, our venue is naked”…..  But our actual response was “sure”…..

These bare bones images by Olivia of Cedarwood’s grounds are still beautiful, and show a ‘behind the scenes’ look at our 50-acre Nashville wedding venue.  Olivia Smartt Photography focuses on wine country weddings on the west coast, but she is also booking weddings in North Carolina and Tennessee.  Thanks Olivia, for your visit, and for your support of our venue and design work.  We hope a Cedarwood Weddings couple will bring you back soon.

Cedarwood-Olivia-Smartt-1270 Cedarwood-Olivia-Smartt-1336Cedarwood-Olivia-Smartt-1280 Cedarwood-Olivia-Smartt-1281 Cedarwood-Olivia-Smartt-1298 Cedarwood-Olivia-Smartt-1300 Cedarwood-Olivia-Smartt-1301 Cedarwood-Olivia-Smartt-1303 Cedarwood-Olivia-Smartt-1305 Cedarwood-Olivia-Smartt-1310 Cedarwood-Olivia-Smartt-1311 Cedarwood-Olivia-Smartt-1328 Cedarwood-Olivia-Smartt-1330 Cedarwood-Olivia-Smartt-1331 Cedarwood-Olivia-Smartt-1333 Cedarwood-Olivia-Smartt-1338 Cedarwood-Olivia-Smartt-1342 Cedarwood-Olivia-Smartt-1346 Cedarwood-Olivia-Smartt-1351 Cedarwood-Olivia-Smartt-1354 Cedarwood-Olivia-Smartt-1357 Cedarwood-Olivia-Smartt-1361 Cedarwood-Olivia-Smartt-1365 Cedarwood-Olivia-Smartt-1373 Cedarwood-Olivia-Smartt-1376 Cedarwood-Olivia-Smartt-1380 Cedarwood-Olivia-Smartt-1384 Cedarwood-Olivia-Smartt-1389 Cedarwood-Olivia-Smartt-1397 Cedarwood-Olivia-Smartt-1398 Cedarwood-Olivia-Smartt-1399 Cedarwood-Olivia-Smartt-1400 Cedarwood-Olivia-Smartt-1401 Cedarwood-Olivia-Smartt-1406 Cedarwood-Olivia-Smartt-1407 Cedarwood-Olivia-Smartt-1408 Cedarwood-Olivia-Smartt-1412 Cedarwood-Olivia-Smartt-1415 Cedarwood-Olivia-Smartt-1420 Cedarwood-Olivia-Smartt-1422


Lovely artistic photography.  Thanks Olivia for the Cedarwood ‘photo tour’ and for sharing your work with us.

Linda and the Cedarwood Event Team

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