June 9, 2015

North Meets South Celebration :: Alana+Joey

Photos by Claudia Kay Photography

“Alana, I love you, and I want to spend the rest of my life with you.” How could Alana say anything but yes to Joey that night in Pennsylvania surrounded by friends and family?  That was the start of Alana and Joey‘s trek together from PA to TN to become husband and wife at a Cedarwood celebration with a “north meets south” theme.

Alana shares more, “Before Joey and I were even engaged, my mom found Cedarwood online and the beautiful scenery it offered for a wedding location instantly won me over. When Joey and I first visited the venue, I knew it was the outdoors location I had always dreamed of.  Our wedding took place the day before Easter and for me, marks the renewal of all things in nature and fresh starts, a perfect season for our marriage. Guests favors in the theme of Easter baskets were  personalized to the couples and families that are attending and featured  Tennessee local favorites from snacks to Jack! ”  Nicely done, Alana and Joey– we love the southern infusion of ‘his and her’ state flags, signature drinks, and a north-south reception menu. Enjoy Alana and Joey’s delightful spring day wedding photos by Claudia Kay Photography!

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How adorable are these two? We are honored you selected Cedarwood as your Nashville Wedding Venue, Alana+Joey, and hope your southern home will forever be filled with spring love.  Thanks Claudia Kay Photography for sending over these images for our blog!

Linda and the Cedarwood Event Team


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