June 25, 2015

Jewish Destination Wedding at Cedarwood :: Sheri+Daniel

Photos by Claudia Kay Photography

We find “love at first sight” (or soon after) stories so inspiring, and Sheri and Daniel‘s is impressive! Sheri shares, “Our first date in Washington, D.C. was a kind of marathon, it just kept continuing – we met at a museum, then walked around D.C., wound up at a street fair, went to another museum, sat and talked on the national mall, went out for dinner, and an after dinner drink. We saw each other the next day, too. From then on we both definitely knew that we would be together forever, and we became inseparable. Exactly 13 months after the day we met, we went for a walk on the national mall and he asked me to marry him.”

Daniel and Sheri decided on Nashville because they wanted a non-sandy, not-too-far-away destination wedding, and Sheri’s cousin Saul, who officiated their ceremony, lives here. Sheri’s sister found Cedarwood online, and she and her mom loved the ambiance and especially the detailed coordination Cedarwood provides for planning a destination wedding. Our event team loved this close-knit family, their traditions, and the gorgeous outdoor Chuppah we designed for Sheri and Daniel’s nuptials in the Cedarwood meadow. Guests were given fudge made from Sheri’s grandmother’s famous recipe, and the bride hand-made bracelets for the women attending in honor of Mother’s Day. Enjoy this heart-felt day through the images from Claudia Kay Photography.

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Congratulations Sheri and Daniel. May you always be embraced by love and your amazing family. Thanks for the privilege of working together on your destination wedding at Historic Cedarwood.  Thanks Claudia Kay Photography for sharing images.

Linda and the Cedarwood Event Team

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  1. Ginger says:

    Awesome wedding! Congrats guys!

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