April 20, 2015

Fruit and Flower Reception Style

Photos by Kristyn Hogan

We love the growing trend to break bread at reception tables, and combine fruit and flowers in tabletop wedding design. The combination is not only enchanting to look at, but offers guests a culinary bonus while waiting for the main menu to be served.

Our poetic penchant also imagines a great botanical love between fruit and flowers. Plants flower into fruit which carry seeds to continue the cycle of beauty and bounty.  Enjoy these images from Kristyn Hogan, of our “Fruit and Flower” table from the Cedarwood Style Show, featuring edible centerpieces with vintage wood vessels, beautiful with the patina of years of feasts and celebrations. The custom crested paper suite by Designs in Paper is a perfect complement.

Cedarwood_SS_2015_240 Cedarwood_SS_2015_212 Cedarwood_SS_2015_221Cedarwood_SS_2015_213 Cedarwood_SS_2015_227 Cedarwood_SS_2015_228 Cedarwood_SS_2015_216 Cedarwood_SS_2015_230 Cedarwood_SS_2015_223 Cedarwood_SS_2015_237 Cedarwood_SS_2015_239 Cedarwood_SS_2015_241 Cedarwood_SS_2015_220 Cedarwood_SS_2015_232Cedarwood_SS_2015_226Cedarwood_SS_2015_238

Bountiful beauty, both rustic and classic.  Thanks Designs in Paper for pairing the perfect paper goods, and to Kristyn Hogan for the lovely photos!

Linda and the Cedarwood Event Team

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