April 15, 2015

Fresh and Vibrant Details :: MK+Luke Part 2

Photos by Krista Lee Photography

Some weddings are so original and beautiful, we love to revisit them.  Like the vibrant summer farm-garden party inspired wedding of MK and Luke.  Krista Lee Photography did a stellar job capturing so much of their wedding design, florals and details, we just had to share more photos in this Part 2 post.

A few of our design team’s faves:  Mother and Grandmother nosegays instead of corsages. Fresh vegetables and fruit mixed with florals. The incredibly cute flower dog, Jefferson, who wears a bow tie and gets mentioned in the ceremony program.  MK’s father! His love seeps through every image.  Monogram bunting on the barn, and the cut-out book monogram!  The amazing original art ‘tree’ used as the guest book.  Mementos from the island trip when Luke proposed to MK, hanging as decor over the barn bar.   MK’s bouquet – LOVE the vibrant color and fresh lotus pod – AND the vintage cameo ring on the handle.   Luke’s Nanna – her cookies, her fun disposition and the famous ‘cigar’ shot.  The cigar bar with hay bale seating in the pocket garden.  A few unique property photos, and lots of fun, happy people.  We hope you enjoy!


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Beauty that makes hearts happy. Thank you MK and Luke, and Krista Lee Photography!

Linda and the Cedarwood Event Team

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