March 18, 2015

Unsure about a First Look? How About an Un-Look?

Photographer credits and sources at the end of post

Brides and Grooms don’t always see eye to eye when it comes to the decision to see each other before their wedding ceremony. First Looks are gaining popularity, yet traditionally, a groom first gazes upon his bride as she walks toward the altar.  First Looks allow the bride and groom (with their photographer) a few moments alone, to savor their excitement and emotions before the ceremony. Separated from formal portraits and reception demands, First Looks can also give couples opportunities to utilize unique venue settings otherwise impractical to fit into post ceremony schedules. In our experience, First Looks alleviate pre-ceremony anxiety, making these photos some of the most compelling of the day.

For couples set in the tradition of not seeing each other before the wedding ceremony, we offer some compromises! How about an “Un-Look” First Look?  You can still smell, embrace and communicate with your love, and the experience sans sight may heighten the anticipation of the moment you do. Here are some of our favorite Cedarwood Wedding couples “Un-Looks” and a few more we love from around the wedding web!

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Intriguing and romantic. Thanks to the following photographers who captured these moments so beautifully.

Linda and the Cedarwood Event Team

Photo Credits: Preview Photo- Ulmer Studios;  1-Kristyn Hogan, from Cedarwood Weddings;  2-Kate Crafton, from Cedarwood Weddings; 3-Stephanie Hamlet Photography, from Cedarwood Weddings; 4-Jen Fariello Photography, from Style Me Pretty; 5-Jill and Michael Weddings; 6-Krista Lee Photography, from Cedarwood Weddings; 7-Lauren Jackson Photography, from Style Me Pretty; 8-Meredith Lord, from Style Me Pretty; 9-Nancy Ray Photography, from Style Me Pretty; 10-Rachel Solomon, from Wedding Chicks; 11-Ryan and Denise Photography, from Wedding Chicks; 12-Krista Lee Photography, from Cedarwood Weddings; 13-The Youngrens, from Style Me Pretty; 14-When He Found Her, from Ruffled

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