February 22, 2015

Rustic Pastel Wedding :: Sydney+Nick

Photos by Paul Rowland Photography

When brides ask us about using a soft color palette for a fall wedding, we say:  Absolutely!  Whatever makes the heart happy should dictate wedding day color and decor.  We love the soft colors in Sydney and Nick‘s September 28 wedding, and especially their pastel watercolor save the date.  Soft lighting, beautiful outdoor spaces, and a casual but elegant atmosphere were priorities for guests to mingle and celebrate. Sydney and Nick met in the Fall of 2011 when they both began masters of education programs at Vanderbilt’s Peabody College of Education. Sydney and Nick’s romantic spark started at Robert’s Western World, which became one of their Nashville icon reception table numbers and inspiration for a custom Hatch Show Print. Nick shares his lively story of pursuit:

“I managed to flirt may way into Sydney’s heart through a series of semi-coherent text messages. I then promptly called her the next day and, breathless with nervousness, asked her out. She agreed! And all was right with the world–until she called me back thirty minutes later to cancel our date.  I was not deterred, however, and I continued to pursue Sydney in a gentle fashion, flirting with her via text message and spending time together with her on campus. Two weeks later, after the romantic tension had built, I managed to convince her to “just get dinner with me,” and to this day, getting dinner together remains one of our favorite dates.  We went to dinner and found out that we did, indeed, have a strong connection. That connection continued to build all through grad school, during which we were fairly inseparable. After graduation from Vanderbilt, we decided to stay in Nashville together. At that point I was on the clock. I managed to scrabble together some funds over the summer, and in late October I proposed to Sydney while surrounded by candles on the bench where we shared our first kiss. True to form, her reaction wasn’t to say yes, but instead to look me right in the eyes and say, “Is this for real?” My response: yes!”   Enjoy a peek into their love and wedding day through these images by Paul Rowland Photography.

Cedarwood-Wedding-Pictures-02 SN-74Cedarwood-Wedding-Pictures-41 SN-328SN-73Cedarwood-Wedding-Pictures-42 SN-321SN-97Cedarwood-Wedding-Pictures-1210_01SN-92SN-33411_01SN-618Cedarwood-Wedding-Pictures-45 4_01SN-459SN-146SN-143SN-141Cedarwood-Wedding-Pictures-01Cedarwood-Wedding-Pictures-03 Cedarwood-Wedding-Pictures-04 Cedarwood-Wedding-Pictures-33 Cedarwood-Wedding-Pictures-05 Cedarwood-Wedding-Pictures-09 Cedarwood-Wedding-Pictures-06 Cedarwood-Wedding-Pictures-07 Cedarwood-Wedding-Pictures-08 Cedarwood-Wedding-Pictures-10 Cedarwood-Wedding-Pictures-34 Cedarwood-Wedding-Pictures-48 Cedarwood-Wedding-Pictures-20SN-133SN-486SN-3152_02Cedarwood-Wedding-Pictures-36 Cedarwood-Wedding-Pictures-13 Cedarwood-Wedding-Pictures-14 Cedarwood-Wedding-Pictures-15Cedarwood-Wedding-Pictures-16 Cedarwood-Wedding-Pictures-35 Cedarwood-Wedding-Pictures-17 Cedarwood-Wedding-Pictures-19 Cedarwood-Wedding-Pictures-37 Cedarwood-Wedding-Pictures-23 Cedarwood-Wedding-Pictures-24 Cedarwood-Wedding-Pictures-22 Cedarwood-Wedding-Pictures-21 Cedarwood-Wedding-Pictures-25Cedarwood-Wedding-Pictures-46 Cedarwood-Wedding-Pictures-18 Cedarwood-Wedding-Pictures-44Cedarwood-Wedding-Pictures-43 Cedarwood-Wedding-Pictures-261_01SN-1193_01Cedarwood-Wedding-Pictures-28 Cedarwood-Wedding-Pictures-29 8_01Cedarwood-Wedding-Pictures-50 Cedarwood-Wedding-Pictures-49 9_01Cedarwood-Wedding-Pictures-30 Cedarwood-Wedding-Pictures-39 Cedarwood-Wedding-Pictures-38 Cedarwood-Wedding-Pictures-31Cedarwood-Wedding-Pictures-32

Congratulations Sydney and Nick. You are adorable together!  Thanks Paul Rowland for the images.

Linda and the Cedarwood Event Team

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  1. So beautiful!! Love all of these!

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