February 11, 2015

Prescription for Perfection :: Diana+Andrew

Photos by Ace Photography

Diana and Andrew are such stylish pharmacists!  We adore their creative wedding invitations featuring tributes to their profession, using prescription pad graphics! This is a great example of using wedding stationery to elevate the memorable factor of a couple’s celebration  …but we’re ahead of our story.  Diana and Andrew met at the College of Charleston where they attended pharmacy school. As Andrew finished his pharmacy pre-requisites in South Carolina, Diana was in Florida for her year-long pharmacy residency.  Just as their distance apart ended, Diana got a job offer in Nashville.  While exciting, the job offer was bittersweet, as it would mean another move.  Simultaneously,  Andrew was eagerly awaiting word on the location of  his pharmacy residency.  As fate played out,  Andrew was matched with Vanderbilt Medical Center in Nashville, just three days after Diana accepted her job offer at the hospital just next door!  Taking this extraordinary event as a heavenly sign, Andrew proposed to Diana two months after moving to Nashville together.

We are so happy Diana and Andrew chose Historic Cedarwood as their wedding venue! A few details we simply can’t get enough of: Diana’s bejeweled shoes! — Diana’s bridesmaids in peach dresses and boots (Diana changed for a little Boot Scootin’ Boogie at the reception) — Diana’s statement Protea bouquet and Protea flowers paired with driftwood in the reception decor —  Andrew’s striking summer ensemble and fantastic Astilbe boutonniere  — Diana’s yellow diamond ring!  Diana joined Alpha Delta Pi sorority her freshman year of college (yes…diamonds are still forever) and this one is out of this world!  We hope you enjoy Diana and Andrew’s signature style and their stunning summer Cedarwood wedding through photos by Ace Photography!

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Congratulations Diana and Andrew! May your love shine like a diamond forever and ever. Thanks for the opportunity to work with you. Thanks Ace Photography for sharing these wonderful photos for our blog.

Linda and the Cedarwood Event Team

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