January 3, 2015

True Originals :: Lisa+Jonathan

Photos by Jen and Chris Creed

Jonathan and Lisa reside in New York where Jonathan is an artist. They chose Nashville and Cedarwood for their southern destination wedding in the glorious fall season.  The mid-October sights around the property are as vibrant as this couple’s love for each other and their adventurous, fun personalities. In fact, Jonathan wins a major high-five for his dance moves!

As an artist, Jonathan wanted to create original artwork for their wedding  invitation, which Cedarwood’s master Calligrapher, Karen, re-created in chalk for their welcome sign.  Jonathan also displayed a watercolor couples portrait he painted of him and Lisa. True originals!  Lisa chose the color palette of autumn to design their wedding, and used rare vintage glass and medicine bottles to add some purple hues. The combination is an example of simple style made sensational. Enjoy Lisa and Jonathan’s jaunt around the property through these photos from Jen and Chris Creed!

LisaJon0177LisaJon0035LisaJon0232LisaJon0242LisaJon0200 LisaJon0045 LisaJon0607 LisaJon0498LisaJon0510 LisaJon0538 LisaJon0003LisaJon0004 LisaJon0015LisaJon0227 LisaJon0234 LisaJon0237 LisaJon0205 LisaJon0214 LisaJon0217 LisaJon0577 LisaJon0591 LisaJon0609 LisaJon0616 LisaJon0643 LisaJon0657 LisaJon0666 LisaJon0006LisaJon0008 LisaJon0010 LisaJon0012 LisaJon0014LisaJon0013 LisaJon0020 LisaJon0031 LisaJon0569 LisaJon0570 LisaJon0272LisaJon0269 LisaJon0318LisaJon0336 LisaJon0347 LisaJon0352 LisaJon0399LisaJon0716LisaJon0231LisaJon0745LisaJon0706 untitled_01LisaJon0236LisaJon0733 LisaJon0774LisaJon0927 LisaJon1035 LisaJon1198 LisaJon1277 LisaJon1310

Congratulations Lisa and Jonathan. Thank you for sharing your artistic talents and love with us. Thanks Jen and Chris Creed for sharing the images!

Linda and the Cedarwood Event Team

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