January 5, 2015

The Greatest Love on Earth :: Kristy+Adam

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Photos by Teale Photography

We can’t imagine anyone who would not want to be a guest at Kristy and Adam‘s Cedarwood destination wedding! This couple, this celebration: epic love. epic event. Kristy and Adam told us they did things “out-of-order” by having their precious baby boy, Jaxon, before getting married; however in our book, they did get their priorities right – love, devotion, family and fun.

Adam and Kristy made it clear to our event team that their wedding would be totally unique. They treated guests (including several kids) to wonders normally found under the big top, with games, food stations, trucks and treats at every turn. Kristy is gorgeous, and we love her designer gown and shoe selections (Jimmy Choo to Cowboy Boots) with Adam’s T-shirt and linen attire.  Enjoy their amazing day, including some fun surprises (hint: ring security), through photos by Teale Photography. We are delighted that Adam and Kristy’s Cedarwood wedding was featured on Wedding Chicks – click here to view.

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The greatest love on earth, no?  Thank you Adam and Kristy, for sharing your uninhibited love, sense of wonder and sensational style with us. Your wedding is now in the Cedarwood Weddings Hall of Fame!  Thanks Teale Photography for sharing – we must commend you for capturing so many details at a wedding that clearly had much ground to cover!

Linda and the Cedarwood Event Team

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