January 18, 2015

Southern Style Statement :: Kortni+Logan, Part 2

Photos by Krista Lee Photography

Kortni and Logan are engrained into the fabric of Cedarwood, and we are grateful for the heart and soul Kortni contributed to so many Cedarwood weddings.  Having an inside peek into a couple’s love story is a privilege to us, and our blog readers tell us how special it is to know the story behind the photos.  Asking Kortni for insider scoop, she shares:

“I’m definitely one of those mushy, hopeless romantics. I do believe in fate! Three years ago, in our college town, Logan walked into my work with a group of his buddies. We both noticed each other right away and locked eyes. We had never met before and after finally working up the courage to ask me out; he walks up to me with hands in his pockets and asks to take me out for coffee. Which if anyone knows me, I’m obsessed with coffee, so naturally I said yes! He told his friends that night that he was going to marry me before even speaking to me. FATE! He didn’t wait the stupid 3 day rule that most guys stick to. He called me the next day to set up our date. So getting to know each other on our first date (with all the getting to know each other questions), we discovered that our moms were best friends in high school. FATE! Obviously, they had lost touch over the years, but after all this time, we discovered we were both from around the same area, yet had never met each other until now.  Timing is truly everything. We fell fast for each other; that all-consuming love that takes your breath away, makes your heart skip a beat, and makes your tummy flop! MUSHY, I told you!:). And yes, our moms are reunited and best friends, once again!”

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Kortni and Logan, we know FATE got it right!  Thanks for sharing your inspiring love story, and your lives, with us. We love you!  Thanks, also, to Krista Lee Photography, for sharing your always inspiring images! For more photos of this gorgeous couple and wedding, click here for Southern Style Statement, Part 1.

A celebration shout out to some Cedarwood gals (7th photo from the bottom): Marissa, Brittany, Erika, Kortni, Alicia, Jess and Lexi!

Linda and the Cedarwood Event Team



Photography: Krista Lee Photography

Videographer: Chris Bryant

Hand-Lettered Invitations and signage: Belle Foley

Hair and Make Up: Katie Russo Beauty

Music: Travelin’ Roots Productions

Minister: Ralph Griggs

Catering: Chef Christopher

Cake: Patty Cakes

Venue: Historic Cedarwood

Flowers and Event Design: Cedarwood Weddings

Transportation: FADDs Trolley

Limo: Matchless Limo

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