January 14, 2015

Southern Style Statement :: Kortni+Logan, Part 1

Photos by Krista Lee Photography

When we get access to so many wonderful photos (thank you Krista Lee Photography), we love sharing multiple shots of styling, preparation and intimate details.  In the case of Kortni and Logan‘s sophisticated, southern chic Cedarwood wedding, there are many to share!  Kortni, after all, is ‘Cedarwood family’ and we were overjoyed to help her plan and execute this exquisite day.  The bride and groom’s fashion, dapper guys, gorgeous bridesmaids, their dresses, the accessories, hair and make-up:  all seriously swoon worthy, all fashion-forward, and all representative of Kortni’s spot-on-chic southern style.

Enjoy Kortni and Logan’s romantic “first look” at the Cedar Dock, and the excitement shared with their wedding party, all leading up to the big “I Do”  through these stunning images of Krista Lee Photography.

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Too gorgeous to handle!  And there is so much more to share. Don’t miss a thing as we continue Part 2 of Kortni and Logan‘s epic autumn wedding. Here’s a video preview!


Thanks Krista Lee Photography, and Chris Bryant, for sharing your wonderful work with us.  Kortni and Logan’s Cedarwood Wedding day keeps getting better.  Click here to continue in Southern Style Statement, Part 2.

Linda and the Cedarwood Event Team


Photography:  Krista Lee Photography

Videographer:  Chris Bryant

Hand-Lettered Invitations and signage:  Belle Foley

Hair and Make Up:  Katie Russo Beauty

Music:  Travelin’ Roots Productions

Minister:  Ralph Griggs

Catering: Chef Christopher

Cake:  Patty Cakes

Venue:  Historic Cedarwood

Flowers and Event Design:  Cedarwood Weddings

Transportation: FADDs Trolley

Limo:  Matchless Limo


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  1. Krista says:

    Eeee!! Love these two!!! You all did such an amazing job pulling all of these gorgeous details together, as always!

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