January 13, 2015

Rustic Chic Cathedral Wedding :: Becky+Matt

Photos by Rachel Moore

Becky and Matt’s love story starts with coffee at Starbucks, has a foundation of faith and a journey of distance to the Cedarwood Outdoor Cathedral to exchange marriage vows. We’ll let Matt tell the story:  “We first met at the house of a friend who was hosting a game night. Becky was returning from college and knew most of the people there, but I was new to town. Although I was not there to ‘meet’ someone, God had other plans. I was definitely smitten with Becky. Not sure if the feeling was mutual, I became part of the group that would meet after church on Wednesday nights at the local Starbucks.  Group fellowship time offered opportunities to see Becky again.  After a couple of weeks, I decided to focus more attention on Becky resulting in some extended conversations between us after other group members left the coffee shop. This is where it officially began for us.”    How appropriate (and fun) that Becky and Matt treated guests to a Starbucks Coffee Bar at their wedding!

Matt and Becky dated for a year before life and careers separated them.  Living on opposite Florida coasts was a big obstacle in their relationship, but Matt says their faith, patience and understanding helped them persevere.  After two years of long distance dating, Matt surprised Becky with a proposal at a friend’s cabin, and their “happily ever after officially began.”  We’re thrilled Becky and Matt chose Cedarwood for their destination wedding. Becky told us, “We searched high and low for the perfect venue, and when we saw Cedarwood, we knew we found it. We wanted a rustic chic  outdoor wedding in a setting that would be spiritual, classy and fun at the same time.”  Enjoy their stunning summer Cedarwood outdoor cathedral wedding through these lovely photos by Rachel Moore.

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Fun fact:  Becky used an old stained glass window from the church where her grandparents were married, to create a heritage display of her parents and grandparents wedding photos. Cool idea!  Congratulations Becky and Matt! May your love always bless and be blessed!  Thanks Rachel Moore for the beautiful photography!

Linda and the Cedarwood Event Team

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