January 7, 2015

October Glow :: Niki+Brent

Photos by Susan Hudson Photography

Brent and Niki share wonderful chemistry, and have personalities and a love story that makes us smile.  Niki shares, “We worked together at Abercrombie & Fitch in the internet department for several years before I stumbled onto Brent’s profile on Match.com.  Fitting that a website brought us together!  It started with a few email exchanges that led to a get together that neither of us could figure out was a date or not… but we realized what a great match we were.  We’re both from very supportive families and we love spending time with them, including Brent’s two children, Hayley and Kyle.  We’re also self-professed “homebodies” that love pets, enjoy travelling, playing games and attending concerts and shows.”

For two people who tend to prefer staying home  (we adore their phrase Chillax), Niki and Brent packed quite a bit of travel and adventure in their courtship, including transporting 30+ rescue dogs over 2,600 miles!   Niki is now an event coordinator for Cause For Paws and gives many hours of her time coordinating dog rescues.  Niki and Brent say they sometimes ask how they got so lucky to have found each other, but we’re confident true love is a match made in heaven.  Choosing a cozy laid-back autumn wedding with close family and friends, Niki and Brent designed their home-style celebration with the relaxed ‘feel’ of favorite pastimes: beer on the porch or glass of wine by the fireplace.  A great way to enjoy married life together! Thanks Susan Hudson Photography for sharing some photos with us.


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Congratulations Niki and Brent!  May your love keep getting bigger and your lives keep getting better.  Thanks Susan Hudson Photography for sharing images with us.

Lind and the Cedarwood Event Team

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