January 12, 2015

Magical Provincial Inspired Wedding :: Ashley+Justin

Photos by Ulmer Studios

Ashley and Justin are dear to our hearts – Ashley’s wedding planning enthusiasm and love for design kept our team pumped for months. She and Justin are the most adorable couple, who started dating over 7 years ago in Tampa, FL while attending college. Ashley shares, “We were both working at the mall when I spotted Justin through the store windows. I thought he looked like Johnny Depp and was in love at first sight! Justin, at that point, had no idea who I even was. My coworkers and I joked for weeks calling him “my boyfriend” whenever he was working.  One day, one of my friends at work devised a plan to get us to meet. I worked at a photography studio where we handed out postcards with our names on them. So my friend took one of my cards and approached Justin to come take photos. Justin being a little confused, was stand offish until my friend explained that he should just come meet this girl. Justin hesitantly agreed and my friend said he would bring me by. Knowing that I would never agree, my friend asked me to take a walk past Justin’s window to our studio’s storage unit. As soon as we were in front of the store, my friend started excitedly pointing at me when I realized what was up. I bolted to the other end of the mall, mortified! After what I thought had been enough time, I walked back to work and past Justin’s, where he was waiting to meet me and ask me for coffee. A month later we were officially dating and were inseparable. We did everything together and still do. 6 years and 9 months, 3 states, 16 addresses, and a puppy later Justin proposed at Arrington Vineyards on December 18th.  We’ve been through a ton of change, moves, jobs, and life events. I like to call us “college sweethearts” but Justin is truly my best friend in the entire world, and having him by my side has helped me grow, take chances, and blossom into the person that I am today.” 

Ashley and Justin wanted a farmhouse wedding that was rustic, fresh, surprising, different and comfortable.  Ashley said they loved Cedarwood for the relaxed natural and beautiful ambiance of our historic farm estate. Inspired by al fresco design, provincial tablescapes, herbs, and whimsical gardens, Ashley and Justin wanted guests to feel as if they were on a farm in Provence. Her mission was to use unexpected design elements, like herbs, fruits and vegetables for centerpieces designed on cutting boards with paper bag menus. Fresh green garlands, custom banners, a fantastic “naked” cake, acoustic guitar guest book and a “bury the bourbon” ceremony with the wedding party are a few more trend-setting elements of Ashley and Justin’s magical October wedding,  Enjoy these and more through the delightful photography of Ulmer Studios.

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Congratulations Ashley and Justin!  Thanks Ashley, for this sweet note: “The packages and planning services offered by Cedarwood are second to none. I have always felt like the most important and only bride Cedarwood has, and when planning your wedding that feeling is absolutely priceless. Justin and I both have previously and currently work in making events happen for others and we knew we didn’t want to stress and work the day of our own wedding. We wanted to leave all the hard work in the capable hands of the Cedarwood team so that we could truly enjoy every second of the day and soak it all in. We want to relax with our family and friends since most of them are coming from out of town and spend our day enjoying each detail and minute. Cedarwood made it so easy to turn our dreams into reality. Unlike many brides who are completely stressed to the max while planning, I can honestly say planning was the best experience of my life. I had so much fun with Lori, our wedding angel ☺, talking over ideas and plans through countless emails and chats. We thoroughly enjoyed the process knowing our day would be perfection and in the capable hands of their talented team. I always say Cedarwood brides are the happiest brides and I whole-heartedly stand by that!”  

Thank you so much for that feedback!  Ashley is a contributor to Cedarwood’s Beloved By Brides Pinterest Board.  Be sure to check it out here!  Thanks Josh and Amber, of Ulmer Studios for sharing your work.


Linda and the Cedarwood Event Team



Bride and Groom: Ashley Kalisz & Justin Sherman

Wedding Date: October 10, 2014

Photographer: Ulmer Studios

Venue:  Historic Cedarwood, Nashville

Florist, Event Designer, Planner:  Cedarwood Weddings

Dress: Sarah Seven/The Dress Theory

Groom: Express

Bridesmaid: Modcloth & Festivity (Various)

Favors: Ornamens by Statelymade on Etsy  / Favor Bags by WithLoveAndInk on Etsy

Caterer: A Dream Come True

Ceremony Music: Chris Marks

Reception Music:  Payton Taylor

Officiant: Ralph Griggs

Transportation: Fadds Trolly

Invitation Suite and Calligraphy:  Jenna Rainey of Mon Voir

A & J Monogram Design and Banner:  Designs in Paper

Prop Signage and Calligraphy:  Cedarwood Weddings

Veil: Sara Gabriel / The Dress Theory

Hair and Makeup:  Amy Lynn Larwig

Headpiece: Untamed Petals / The Dress Theory

Bride’s Shoes: Modcloth

Wedding Cake:  Patty Cakes

Cake Topper:  TheGlitteredBarn on Etsy


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  3. Crystaline Payne says:

    Hi, I just saw Ashley and Justin’s Wedding Photos on Pinterest… soooo beautiful, what an amazing job!
    And I have a Question… the giant wreath over the fireplace for her wedding, it looks like you used 2 or 3 types of greenery… what are they?

    I think one is a vine of some sort, because it drapes over everything so lovely… but what are the names of all the greenery?

    Thank you in advance, and I’ll be sure to leave a wonderful YELP review for you
    ~Crystaline Payne

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