October 22, 2014

Softly Styled Destination Wedding :: Colleen + Matthew

Photos by Jenna Henderson

Colleen and Matthew are financial executives from Indianapolis who wanted to be married midway between their home states of Illinois and Georgia, respectively. We’re thrilled they chose Nashville and Cedarwood!  Rustic-to-refined styling using soft neutrals and organic elements have both dramatic and romantic qualities by blending weathered wood, exotic flowers, and sequin-embellished linens. A flower laden twig altar for their meadow ceremony and a driftwood chandelier hanging over the head table, repeat elements used on reception tables.  Gorgeous paper goods by Designs in Paper were accompanied by custom signage. Hand-lettered driftwood sentiments were gifts for guests, and driftwood pieces were used as embellishments throughout the event design. The bride’s loosely gathered bouquet with lotus pods and protea was a beautiful contrast against her Jim Hjelm layered lace trumpet gown. Coordinating bouquets for bridesmaids infused their feminine Jenny Yoo blush organza gowns with a natural touch. The entire day was romantic with neutral, soft colors and dreamy details, captured in these gorgeous wedding photos by the talented Jenna Henderson. 

We love hearing a couple’s beginning, and here it is, shared by Colleen. “Matthew and I look at the beginning of our relationship and are amazed at how many twists & turns had to work out for us to meet. Matthew had lived in Georgia, Alabama, Ohio (and a hair away from moving to New Mexico) prior to settling down in Indianapolis. My career took me to Texas and Michigan before Indiana. Had any decision along the way, for either one of us, been different, chances are our lives would never have crossed paths. Life and love are truly mystifying when you take a step back and realize how many hundreds of decisions, big and small, must match up for two soul mates to meet. We were destined to be together, and the magical moment when our paths finally crossed was at a small Indianapolis pub called “Brockway”. After locking eyes that night, we were inseparable for almost a year and a month to the day before we pledged our vows at a beautiful destination at Nashville, Tennessee’s Cedarwood! It was a fast engagement, but we wouldn’t have it any other way! After all, when you know, you just know!” 

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Soft. Sensational. Swoon-worthy. Congratulations Colleen and Matthew. Thanks for choosing Cedarwood for this remarkable day.  Thanks also to Jenna Henderson for sharing photos!

Linda and the Cedarwood Event Team

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  1. Colleen says:

    Thank you Cedarwood for our DREAM wedding. You all made our wedding go off without a hitch and it truly was the most beautiful celebration we could have hoped for! Thank you for all your hard work and dedication. Colleen and Matt

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