October 14, 2014

Secret Garden Glamour :: Becca+Andrew

Photos by Shasha of You + We Photography

We are always honored when a photographer chooses Cedarwood as her own wedding venue, especially one as beautiful and talented as Becca Yager, owner and principal artist of Flameheart Studios. Becca and Andrew are college sweethearts, who bonded over Andrew’s “quirky project” in their senior design class. Becca loved Andrew’s spontaneity and his carefree but respectfully loving attitude towards life, and their bond became official with an 2011 engagement.

Becca and Andrew are free-spirited souls, lovers, best friends and partners in life. Their love helped them through a cancer battle and the birth of a darling baby girl, Jette.  Of their June 7 wedding, Becca says, “We don’t need a ceremony to signify our bond, but to celebrate our future together.” Romantically soft and classic, Becca describes her styling as “secret garden-esque with a bit of sparkle.”  We love her multiple dresses (all three!)  Enjoy the glamour and gorgeousness through these photos by San Francisco-based photographer Shasha of You and We Photography.

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Becca and Andrew, you are truly blessed. We thank you for choosing Cedarwood for your celebration of life, love and family.  Thanks also to Sasha of You + We Photography for sharing images.

Linda and the Cedarwood Event Team

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