October 30, 2014

Love Garden :: MK + Luke

Photos by Krista Lee Photography

We adore Mary Cole (MK) and Luke’s ‘signature stamp’ on every element of their late summer September 19 Cedarwood Wedding. Being original and true to your taste is the best way to create a meaningful, fun and unforgettable celebration of marriage. MK and Luke’s endearing spunk was evident on wedding programs that starting with the line, “Mary Kirk & Luke are getting married today (you’ve probably figured that out by now)” and introduced their ceremony Man Maids, “Yes that’s a real thing” and featured a adorable flower dog, Jefferson, who wore a coordinated bow tie.  Plus, you’ve got to love a reception celebration with Grateful Dead music and Grandma Nan, who baked cookies and smoked cigars!

The styling for MK and Luke is as fresh and colorful as a farmer’s market with flowers, fruit and vegetables,  yet sophisticated in a natural way with rustic and vintage elements (as well as a few exotic touches like Lotus pods and Peacock feathers). Merging various textures and elements into a cohesive design that represents a bride and groom’s personality is what the Cedarwood Design Team loves to do! We hope you enjoy MK and Luke’s wedding day through these fantastic photos by Krista Lee Photography.

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Congratulations MK and Luke!  We enjoyed working with you and your sensational wedding.  Thanks also to Krista Lee Photography for sharing these delightful wedding images!

Linda and the Cedarwood Event Team

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