September 23, 2014

Romantic Wildflowers :: Katy + Nate

Photos by Krista Lee Photography

Katy and Nate are both grad students at Vanderbilt with a story of amazing synchronicity that led them to Nashville.  Katy from LA and Nate from San Diego – both moved to the east coast before high school. Their paths actually met post-college when they both took jobs at the National institute of Mental Health in Maryland. Of course Nate noticed the pretty girl he saw in the halls and formulated a plan to meet Katy, launching a romantic relationship. Nate and Katy had applied to clinical psychology doctoral programs all over the country, and as fate would have it, were both accepted by Vanderbilt.  The move to Nashville started a new chapter for Katy and Nate, who were lucky enough to spend four years dating AND going to school together.  When they decided to tie the knot, Katy told us she knew with their school schedule, it would be difficult to find time to plan a wedding. She and Nate also knew they could not compromise their desire for a beautiful event with a high level of attention to detail.

Katy shares, “When we saw pictures of Cedarwood weddings and how unique each one was, we knew Cedarwood could help us have the gorgeous wedding we wanted without agonizing over every detail ourselves.  Since none of our family is from Tennessee or even the south, we also wanted a venue that highlighted the beautiful Tennessee landscape and Cedarwood was by far the best place for that.” Katy told our design team that she wanted their wedding to focus on natural beauty and mimic ‘what you’d see if you looked out into a field of wildflowers.’  From the colorful flowers and fresh fruit with reclaimed wood and vintage tins, to the lace and wildflowers decorating their ceremony Chuppah,  the details for their day were summer fresh, festive and so romantic.  Enjoy it all through these fantastic photos by Krista Lee Photography.

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Katy and Nate, congratulations! We are honored you chose Cedarwood for your gorgeous summer wedding, and we wish you a lifetime of happiness!

Linda and the Cedarwood Event Team


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