September 8, 2014

Colorful Fusion Wedding :: Tatiana+Larry

Photos by Love is a Big Deal

Tatiana and Larry first met at Yale where she was studying organic chemistry, and he was working at Beinecke Library and training for his last football season at Yale. As destiny would have it, Larry first spotted Tatiana, who is half Mexican, at the popular collegiate Mexican bar, El Amigo Felix. Over the summer, Larry occasionally saw Tatiana studying at the Au Bon Pain on the corner of York and Broadway and made it a priority to stop and visit. Later that year, sparks began to fly. After graduating in December 2009, Larry moved to Boston and a sales job at Oracle. Tatiana continued her studies at Yale, and as time went on, their friendship grew. At the end of Tatiana’s junior year, she embarked on a two month summer program in South Africa. Tatiana and Larry began exchanging long emails and learning more about each other and as we all know, absence makes hearts grow fonder. By the end of Tatiana’s South African summer program, Larry invited her to stop in Boston before heading back to Yale for her senior year. Tatiana had never visited Boston before, and Larry promised her a fantastic weekend in his city. She was not disappointed. The chemistry between them was electric. Having so much in common, including a love of travel and adventure, Tatiana and Larry grew close very quickly. After four months of dating, they put their relationship to the “travel test” with an action-packed trip to Iceland. The experience proved they were strong companions and best buddies, leading them on journeys to Canada, Greece, Paris, as well as exploring the Rockies and many other US cities.

Tatiana moved to east Tennessee post-graduation and Larry followed. When wedding plans began to materialize, Tatiana and Larry wanted to find a wedding venue that would embody all the elements of Tennessee living that they love – nature, elegance, history, family and the relaxed pace of life. Tatiana told us Cedarwood’s website was love at first sight, their visit to the property confirmed that Cedarwood personified the qualities they wanted for their wedding. Since practically all guests traveled to the wedding from far away, Tatiana and Larry wanted to ensure that their celebration felt super personal, welcoming, comfortable and familial – sort of like an intimate backyard wedding, amplified for 170 people. Styling the wedding was sensational fun for the Cedarwood team, infusing vintage southern decor with Mexican flare including Papel Picado, globe lights, sangria, agues fresco and a late night quesadillas station.  Enjoy all the colorful details through these great photos by Love is a Big Deal.

TatianaLarryWedding014 TatianaLarryWedding017 TatianaLarryWedding008 TatianaLarryWedding007 TatianaLarryWedding003 TatianaLarryWedding049TatianaLarryWedding021 TatianaLarryWedding083TatianaLarryWedding086TatianaLarryWedding071TatianaLarryWedding162TatianaLarryWedding023 TatianaLarryWedding018 TatianaLarryWedding032
TatianaLarryWedding033 TatianaLarryWedding045 TatianaLarryWedding043 TatianaLarryWedding042 gridTatianaLarryWedding050 TatianaLarryWedding056 TatianaLarryWedding231TatianaLarryWedding229 TatianaLarryWedding230 TatianaLarryWedding244 TatianaLarryWedding243TatianaLarryWedding248 TatianaLarryWedding251 TatianaLarryWedding247 TatianaLarryWedding246 TatianaLarryWedding263TatianaLarryWedding250 TatianaLarryWedding184 TatianaLarryWedding222 TatianaLarryWedding102 TatianaLarryWedding101 TatianaLarryWedding107 TatianaLarryWedding112TatianaLarryWedding108TatianaLarryWedding149TatianaLarryWedding482TatianaLarryWedding299TatianaLarryWedding258TatianaLarryWedding457TatianaLarryWedding326TatianaLarryWedding425TatianaLarryWedding330TatianaLarryWedding373TatianaLarryWedding383TatianaLarryWedding099TatianaLarryWedding379TatianaLarryWedding280previewTatianaLarryWedding443TatianaLarryWedding174TatianaLarryWedding027TatianaLarryWedding603TatianaLarryWedding041TatianaLarryWedding266TatianaLarryWedding296TatianaLarryWedding266TatianaLarryWedding243TatianaLarryWedding249TatianaLarryWedding286TatianaLarryWedding623TatianaLarryWedding577TatianaLarryWedding566TatianaLarryWedding547TatianaLarryWedding654TatianaLarryWedding833

Fun, un-conventional and also unforgettable!  Congratulations Tatiana and Larry! Thanks for selecting Cedarwood as your all-inclusive Nashville destination wedding venue!  Thanks Love is a Big Deal for sharing these delightful photos. Wonderful job!


Linda and the Cedarwood Event Team



Photography: Love is a Big Deal

Venue: Historic Cedarwood, Nashville, TN

Event planning, design, flowers: Cedarwood Weddings

Host hotel and farewell brunch: Lowes Vanderbilt

Transportation: Anchor Tours

Officiant: Ralph Griggs

Ceremony music: Wedding Musicians Company

Cake: Patty Cakes

Catering: A Dream Come True

Reception band: The Downtown Band

Tent Rental – Grand Central Party Rental

Attire: Elegantly mis-matched

Couple’s wedding website:

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