August 8, 2014

Native Bohemian :: Cedarwood Style

Photos by Abby Weeden Photography and Design

Oh the joys of being creative, working in an inspirational world, and having a couple of days to make magic on our wedding venue’s fifty acre estate with some of our favorite things and people…

Our multi-talented and lovely Cedarwood Weddings Design Team, along with uber-creative Designs in Paper, and our gifted design intern and photographer, Abby Weeden, took a little time this week to create a bit of style inspiration we call Native Bohemian. We hope you enjoy it!

IMG_0955aIMG_1229IMG_1181-2IMG_1303IMG_1157IMG_1223IMG_1129IMG_1523aIMG_0027 IMG_0044IMG_0020-2IMG_0043-2IMG_0046 IMG_0026 IMG_0085IMG_0096IMG_0070IMG_0063IMG_0017IMG_0189IMG_0308IMG_0061IMG_0030-2IMG_0844IMG_0690IMG_0672IMG_0780IMG_0868IMG_0885IMG_0731IMG_0422IMG_0515IMG_0566-2IMG_0472IMG_0624IMG_0587IMG_1071IMG_0602IMG_0633 IMG_0615IMG_1423aIMG_0768IMG_0751IMG_0821IMG_0816IMG_0967 IMG_0996 IMG_0919IMG_0335 IMG_0240 IMG_0222 IMG_0219IMG_0179 IMG_0203IMG_1356aIMG_0556-2IMG_0133 IMG_0113 IMG_0141IMG_1575IMG_0339 IMG_0375IMG_1453 IMG_0757IMG_1433IMG_0123IMG_0048-2IMG_0058-2aIMG_1514IMG_0109 IMG_0137 IMG_1085
IMG_1020 IMG_1026 IMG_1272

We have the best jobs in the world, and we thank you, our gorgeous Cedarwood couples -past, present and future- for making our work possible.

Linda and the Cedarwood Event Team

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  1. Wow, what gorgeous photos – your team did a wonderful job styling the shoot, and the Flash looks so great. Fits in flawlessly with the theme! Keep up the amazing work, babes! Thanks for including Flash!
    Best, Kirsten

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