July 3, 2014

Wartime Vintage Inspiration from Cedarwood Weddings

Photos by Abby Weeden

Established in 1835 by some of Tennessee’s earliest settlers, Cedarwood bears witness to 179 years of history, from the Antebellum period and Civil War to the Great Depression and contemporary wartime.  Today, Cedarwood’s tranquil country estate is a wedding venue for couples seeking southern chic style and hospitality.  We thought it would be fun to pay tribute to some past-era bridal fashion and style (that we imagine could possibly have occurred here), and teamed with Mariah Hunter and Cedarwood associate photographer Abby Weeden for a bit of wartime vintage wedding inspiration on Cedarwood’s historic grounds.

The vintage lace veil from the late 1920’s is typical of the era, when lace was a fashion given and hats were the headpiece choice of many brides. This untraditional veil combines both. During the 30’s, fashion reflected the practical needs of the wartime woman and the dominant silhouette of shorter skirts.  Combining these fashion statements with modern flair, our bride’s haunting portraits in black and white transports us to past love and timeless beauty.

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Our special gratitude to Abby Weeden and Mariah Hunter, for allowing us to open our vintage prop closet for this inspiration shoot.  Let us know what you think!

Linda and the Cedarwood Event Team

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