June 30, 2014

Romantic Pink Spring Wedding :: Carrie+James

Images by Jenny Lindsey Photography

Carrie and James knew each other through mutual friends as students at the University of Tennessee, where James played college football. Seven years after graduation, Carrie and James crossed paths again while watching a Tennessee football game with friends.  He asked her out. She said yes, and the rest is history. Carrie told us, “It’s funny how it can take nearly ten years for things to come full circle, but we agree that it was definitely worth the wait.”

We’re always thrilled when a bride ‘just knows’ Cedarwood is the place for her wedding. Carrie says, “I fell in love with Cedarwood long before James and I became a couple. One of my best friends asked me to check out Cedarwood’s website years ago.  When it became clear that James was the one, I knew or wedding would be here.  There’s just no better place for a southern, elegant wedding. We feel at home in this special pace and we knew our guests would too.”

Carrie’s wedding design and styling was influenced by her mother, aunts and grandmothers’ love of gardening and lowers.  Roses and Peonies in shades of pink reminds Carrie of southern romance and her heritage. Enjoy Carrie and James lovely day through these images from photographer Jenny Lindsey’s blog post. Be sure to stay tuned to the Cedarwood blog as we add more detail photos to this feature!

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Congratulations Carrie and James! We are honored you selected Cedarwood for your lovely southern spring wedding.  Thanks also to Jenny Lindsey Photography for sharing images (we can’t wait to get the detail photos…..be sure to watch for feature updates!)

Linda & the Cedarwood Event Team


Brides’s Dress, Maggie Sottero, The White Room

Groom/sman: Calvin Klein Linen Suits, Men’s Warehouse

Custom Bow Ties:  Brier & Moss

Bridesmaid: Bari Jay, The White Room

Makeup:  Amy Lynn Larwig, MUA

Hair:  Ashely Colemen

Favors:  Jack Daniels Blackberry Jam, made by Jan Hollowell

Catering: Chef Christopher

Cake:  Patty Cakes

Ceremony Music:  Chris Marks Violinist and Guitarist duo

Reception Music:  Jace Aaron Entertainment

Officiant:  Aaron Bryant, Brentwood Baptist

Transportation:  Grand Avenue

Invitations and Paper Goods: Designs in Paper



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