May 29, 2014

Love Matters :: Amanda+Todd

Photography by Ryan Brown

Love, life and family become even more precious when we face adversity.  Ultimately, love sees us through, and Todd and Amanda know this well. Their love sustained them while Amanda battled, and beat, Stage II breast cancer.  Triumphantly, their light and joy shine through the photos of their September Cedarwood wedding.  Amanda shares their story.

“Todd and I were one of those couples who met on-line and had no idea how much our lives would change after that first meeting. We quickly bonded over our love of travel and spending time outdoors. During a weeklong trip out West to Utah, Wyoming, and Idaho we realized that we had a future together. We also discovered a love of a specialty drink “The Sleeping Indian” courtesy of the Million Dollar Cowboy Bar in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. (The Sleeping Indian would later become our signature drink at our wedding.) In the Spring of 2011 we were blessed to learn that we were going to have a baby. In December of 2011, our precious baby girl, Eva Pressley, was born. Now it was time to plan our wedding. Just into the planning process, we were shocked to learn that I had Stage II breast cancer. Wedding plans were postponed while I underwent 5 months of aggressive chemotherapy followed by a double mastectomy and radiation. Todd was my rock during every stage of treatment. When my hair started falling out he was the one who shaved my head while little Eva sat on my lap. When I cried over losing my eyelashes and eyebrows he made me laugh. As I was completing the final stages of chemotherapy we decided that it was time to start planning our wedding. It was very important to us that our day be a family celebration of our commitment to each other and a celebration of life. As soon as I saw Cedarwood I knew it was the perfect venue for us. We knew our family and friends would love the casual yet elegant setting. We also knew that little Eva would love running around grounds. Even though a light drizzle of rain started just as the ceremony began nothing could dampen our spirits. As predicted, little Eva who was the flower girl ran to her Daddy as soon as she saw him and she remained in her Daddy’s arms throughout most of the ceremony. We were blessed to be surrounded by our closest family and friends as we committed ourselves to each other in marriage and celebrated life and our future together.”

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Congratulations Amanda and Todd!  You touched our hearts.  We really appreciate this message:  “Thanks to the entire Cedarwood Team for creating such a special day for our family. It exceeded all our expectations. Our guests still talk about how wonderful the venue was, as well as the food. If you ever need a glowing reference, I will gladly tell whoever needs to hear just how special you make a bride and her entire family feel.”  Amanda, Todd, and Eva

Linda & the Cedarwood Event Team

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